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Exclusive Interview with Jake Scott from Reality Gaming

Reality Clash Intro:

Reality Clash is an exciting and innovative augmented reality FPS mobile combat game available on IOS and Android, which is also free to play! Enter the virtual battlefield via your mobile phone and use your movement, reactions and strategy to the limit to win! Players can enjoy the novel gameplay of AR FPS and trade tokenized weapons as well as other items on its blockchain-powered marketplace.

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JBB.ONE:Hi Jake, thank you for accepting our interview. Reality clash has been online for a while, but for foreign players, the game information and strategies that can be found are very few. Can you please briefly introduce your game and development team to foreign players?

Jake Scott:Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk about Reality Clash, we really appreciate your interest in the project.

As you may already be aware; Reality Clash is an augmented reality combat game for mobile. The game is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

Part of the game involves players navigating their local area (similar to Pokémon Go) to complete challenges or to visit special locations called ‘Nodes’ and ‘SafeZones’. Players can capture Node locations and use them to gather resources which can then be used to build more powerful weaponry. The SafeZones can be visited to boost health recovery and in the future will include retail locations where players can get real-world discounts and incentives…

The other major feature of the game is the augmented reality FPS combat. This is a really exciting new type of gameplay that we think every gamer should experience!

Before combat begins, players step through an augmented reality Portal and are transported into a virtual battlefield that we call ‘The Sim’.

Players can then move around the battlefield with their in-game avatar mirroring real-life movement. If you crouch with your mobile device, the in-game avatar will also crouch, allowing you to hide behind obstacles and take cover from enemy gunfire. You can choose to directly challenge your friends to combat or take on a random player from anywhere in the world with our ‘Quick Battle’ feature.

Traders can get limited edition, tokenised weapons on our web-based trading platform and link their in-game account with their trading account to use the items within the game. Traders can record kills and headshots, increasing the value of their weapon, before selling it to another player. These stats are imprinted on the weapon, which exists as an ERC721 ‘RC GUN’ token on the Ethereum blockchain. You can use these in-game items to show off your style, or just trade them and hopefully make a profit. The choice is entirely yours.

JBB.ONE:The traditional game industry is still in high popularity, and the blockchain game is just getting started. Under such uncertain industry prospects, how come for you to decide to develop blockchain games? What supports you to stick to developing this game?

Jake Scott:诚Yes, this is a new industry and one that is still immature. However, we have to experiment in order to improve. Although it is an uncertain industry, it is an exciting one with plenty of room to grow. We feel that our game is a perfect mix of the blockchain trading element with a real mobile game. Some blockchain games rely so heavily on the use of blockchain but they do not produce a fun game. These games rely on the crypto market to bring in new users and the promise of profits in order to survive. We made a pledge to our backers to produce a fun mobile game with blockchain-based tradable assets – this is what we’ve stuck to.

We believe that having a blockchain trading platform with items that have real utility within our game is the best way of introducing mobile gamers to the NFT/Crypto-asset market. This means players can choose whether to use crypto or not but can still enjoy the mobile game either way.

JBB.ONE:What are the main differences between Reality clash and other DApp games? What is the most interesting feature?

Jake Scott:Many Dapp games are interesting but do not provide the best gaming experience. Often there is a focus on the collectibles, but there is no fun gameplay to support the trading. In contrast, Reality Clash is a high quality, intense, augmented reality gaming experience. Players can take their NFT’s (RC GUNs) and use them in this experience.

Probably our most interesting feature is the use of AR and how players move during combat. We have pushed augmented reality to the edge and brought a new type of FPS to gamers. Although the weapons on our trading platform are exciting and we have a big community of traders who have bought and sold over 6000 weapons, our most interesting feature is this use of augmented reality. There are no other mobile Dapp games which are like Reality Clash. It is truly a first!

JBB.ONE:We noticed that the background story of the game is very special. Where is it inspired from?

Jake Scott:We wanted to have a narrative that tied together with our project. Our game was funded by cryptocurrency and so we felt the theme and background story should reflect this. We came up with the theme of an alternative world; in which a rogue hacker named ‘Multis’ has found a way to enter a digital world known as ‘the Sim’. Three opposing teams have established themselves in the digital world and it is the role of you the player to bring glory to one of these teams.

We felt inspired by the story of cryptocurrency and Satoshi Nakamoto’s decision to release Bitcoin into the world. The creation and release of Bitcoin has influenced many lives and we took inspiration from this with our game. We hope that players enjoy the narrative and that we can provide exciting and educational live events that teach players a little bit about cryptocurrency.

JBB.ONE:You mentioned that you have encountered many challenges in the production process, can you briefly explain what are the main problems? Do you have any experiences to share with game developers who are planning to enter this field?

Jake Scott:Every game has challenges in the production process and we definitely experienced our fair share. The original idea for combat within the game was completely changed due to events in the real world. Originally, the design for combat was that players would see a real-world background whilst fighting their enemy. This had to change because it was inappropriate to show a gun on a mobile phone screen with real humans in view. This change proved to be beneficial, as we felt the redesign actually made the game more fun and gave us more room to design a virtual battlefield.

Now, instead of players fighting with a real-world background, players walk into a Portal – using this to enter ‘the Sim’ – where they do battle as their virtual avatar.

Another challenge came with the tokenised weaponry. Originally the items were tokenised as ERC-20 tokens because at that time, this standard was best-suited to our needs. As improvements have been made to the Ethereum network and new ERC standards have been released, we decided to retokenize all of our existing weapon assets and reupload them as ERC-721 items. This was a challenge and we had to incur the cost of retokenizing all of the weapons, but it was worth doing as it has opened up the weapons to more platforms (such as OpenSea.io) and will allow other developers to integrate our weapons into their games.

We would advise other developers to make a plan for what they want to build, but be willing to change and adapt at any time. This is key in the blockchain gaming industry. 

JBB.ONE:I saw that your game was stress tested before going online. Which performances were aimed to test? Is there a test for the bearer of the blockchain? And the relevant data, such as TPS, is it okay to disclose some information?

Jake Scott:We ran a beta testing campaign prior to the official launch but this was to test the game servers, rather than the stress on the Ethereum blockchain. We did not need to stress-test the utility of the blockchain partly because we already knew the limits of the Ethereum network and also because our trading platform is not blockchain-heavy. During gameplay, there is no stress on the blockchain – contact with the blockchain only occurs when the weapon is first created or when ownership of a weapon is transferred. 

JBB.ONE:We notice that your trading process is imported into the game after the trading platform has completed the transaction. What is the consideration for using this method instead of trading directly in the game?

Jake Scott:We used this model mainly due to the restrictions placed on us by Apple and the iOS platform. Although their policy seems to have changed somewhat in the past 2-3 years, there was concerns that Apple would not allow any items to be used in a game which had not been purchased within the app itself.

We are looking at options for bringing trading directly into the app, but at this stage – there has been no issue for our traders who bring their items into the game. This is a very simple process which only takes 1 minute and is only required once. The game maintains the link with your trading platform account and so all your items appear in the game when you open it.

JBB.ONE:Although more and more blockchain games are working hard to develop apps, but in fact, the market is still dominated by page games. Why do you directly develop an APP? (After all, the development cost of APP is much higher than the page game)

Jake Scott:Yes, the development cost of doing an App is considerably more than a web page. You also have a lot more considerations when making an App. The size of the app can limit your consumers plus if your App is not compatible with every mobile device, then you will inevitably lose access to a bigger audience. Most web-based page games do not require high quality hardware nor do they require the user to download and store any data.

This may make you wonder, why make an App when you can make a browser-based page game? We wanted to create a game that players could dedicate themselves too and felt that a browser based game was not as adventurous as we wanted to be. We wanted our players to experience AR in a way that they had not done before and so the only way to do this was by developing and launching a dedicated mobile app.

We think the result has been fantastic but we are also looking at developing some web-based mini games which players can use their tokenised weapons in. This will give even more utility to our items.

JBB.ONE:And, buying RCC directly on your official website do not need gas fees. Is the team subsidizing the relevant fees? Or what kind of circumvention operation is used? (The forum users asked the question when I reported this content ago)

Jake Scott:When a user buys RCC from the website, they will pay a slightly higher price compared to the market price on trading exchanges. The cost of gas is factored into this price. We do this to try and make the process of buying RCC as frictionless as possible. This is because many mobile gamers have no experience of cryptocurrency, but they are interested in the tokenised weapons that they can use in-game or trade with others. These gamers may not wish to buy cryptocurrency at a trading exchange and instead want to just buy RCC with their credit card from our website.

JBB.ONE:We saw that the official website saying that there will be more rich content in the follow-up. Is there still any exciting planning for this game in the future? Can you disclose it for a little bit?)

Jake Scott:There is a lot of work still to be done and more content to produce. We have several plans for the game and trading platform but in particular, our users can look forward to:

  • Competitive Ranking system
  • Additional in-game modes and maps
  • Exciting AR experiences
  • Online Tournaments
  • New tokenized weapon skins and other items
  • New RCC opportunities

We are always looking for feedback or feature requests, please feel free to email me at jake@realityclash.com if any readers have ideas or features they would like to see in the game!

JBB.ONE:Many blockchain game teams use the first game as a test product. Will you continue to update based on this game or will you just learn from this experience and develop new games?

Jake Scott:We will continue to build and update the Reality Clash mobile game and Trading Platform throughout 2019 and beyond but this is just the first game on our augmented reality platform.

We plan to bring out more games but will also allow other developers to build games which can utilise our tokenised assets. We have briefly discussed web-based page games and these can be created/maintained quite easily – which means we can integrate these assets into these games to add more utility to the tokenised items.

JBB.ONE:In the end, can you briefly talk about the planning and future outlook? What do you think the development of blockchain games in 5 years later, or more specifically, what attempts will you make in the blockchain game field?

Jake Scott:Our future outlook for Reality Clash is bright. We are going to bring many more features to our game, to increase the social element and reward players with real-life incentives. We want to utilise augmented reality to the fullest and bring more innovative experiences to our players.

We are always open for other developers to use our assets (the tokenised weapons) in their own games. Interoperability between game worlds is something very exciting to us and we’d be delighted to see. We’ll be working alongside with more projects such as Gizer, in order to bring together more blockchain enthusiasts and mobile gamers. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more news.


Thanks again to Jake and the Reality Clash Team for such a fruitful interview. Stay tuned for further updates at JBB.ONE!

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