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ONE World
This board is all about ONE World interactive avg platform. You can read and submit ONE World visual novel news, walkthrough, and discussion at here.
News and Walkthrough about ONE World visual novel go here.
Discuss about visual novel game, and recreate something new!
This part is exclusive to fanworks which suggest real individuals. P.S. please make sure your title is well tagged and do not attack other fan groups in any form.
Whatever you want to talk about; just post your topic on the right section.
About real person fiction
Anime or manga related topic goes here.
Topics about blockchain
Creative Corner
Let’s create something together!
Share Some
You may share your plot, sprite, material and more stuff with other users at here.
Team Up
Looking for someone to team up with? What about a party with common interests? You’ve come to the right place.
Experience Sharing
This section is all about sharing development techniques.
Players' Lounge
This is a lounge for all players! Grab a seat and talk about games~
Blockchain Game
Section for discussion about blockchain based game.
General Gaming
Discussion about games, game playing, etc.
Ever thought about playing games inside a forum?
Active Talking
Players talk about serious issues. This is a place to speak out your points over serious matters.
Official Channel
Official team is not someone sitting behind the wall.
Announcement: You can read official announcement here.
Report& Advice
You are welcome to submit any suggestions to official team here.