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HotNEO and MixMarvel Partner Up to Launch Blockchain-based FPS Ground Hunter
      Today, leading public blockchain project NEO announced its partnership with MixMarvel, a global game publishing platform powered by blockchain. Both parties will kick off the partnership by launching Ground Hunter, a blockchain-based FPS game which will become one of the market’s first large-scale FPS games. Set to release by the end of 2019,   Currently, blockchain games face significant roadblocks for mass adoption, notably the challenge of surpassing mainstream games in terms of user experience (UX) and gameplay. Empowered by MixMarvel’s core layer-2 scaling solution Rocket Protocol and its successful integration with NEO blockchain, Ground Hunter delivers a UX matching that of mainstream FPS games. Governed by smart contracts, Ground Hunter offers unmatched transparency in terms of its core logic and data (firearm assets) as well as an innovatively designed in-game economy which leverages the Ground Hunter Token (GHT) to attract players and encourage positive in-game behaviors.   Moreover, Ground Hunter also draws upon blockchain games’ uniquely communal nature to fully empower all players. Drawing upon NEO and MixMarvel’s shared value of community, a significant portion of Ground Hunter’s on-chain firearm assets are generated, utilized, and traded by the community to deliver a more optimized experience for all. By leveraging a decentralized approach, Ground Hunter is paving the way for a new era of blockchain games which are not only secure and transparent, but also rewarding and enjoyable. Based on their shared vision, NEO and MixMarvel look forward to deepening their partnership to enrichen the market while driving mass adoption of gains. Both parties are confident that blockchain technology will open up immense possibilities within the gaming industry and look forward to realizing this potential.   GroundHunter community:Telegram:https://t.me/GroundHunterFacecook:https://www.facebook.com/GroundHunterGame MixMarvel community: MixMarvel Official Website:https://www.mixmarvel.com/KakaoTalk:https://open.kakao.com/o/gmNbUgubTwitter:https://twitter.com/MIXMARVELGAMETelegram : https://t.me/MixMarvelGlobalFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/mixmarvelplatform/Medium:https://medium.com/mixmarvel-official-blogYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmXHR_CEEGB91IpritzrJlA
HotHyperSnakes Launches its Tutorial System
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Snake game and attracted a large number of players worldwide as soon as it launched.In order to help players improve faster and become more familiar with the game mechanics, the tutorial system is being launched. Players can easily understand the tutorial and can start enjoying the game within a few steps.Master the basic skills and play in the various modes. Everyone has the opportunity to become a snake king and get an enviable prize!The players that complete the basic training get 1 SC reward.Dear Snake owner:HyperSnakes will start a maintenance at 14:00 (UTC+8) on September 17th, 2019. Please go offline to avoid unnecessary losses. Sorry for the inconvenience!Maintenance range: HyperSnakes Ethereum / TRON / Ontology Maintenance time: September 17th, 2019, 14:00–17:00 (UTC+8) Maintenance content:1) Add a new tutorial system, with a 1 SC reward for completionThe HyperSnakes TeamHyperSnakes social media links:Telegram:https://t.me/HyperSnakesEth (imToken)https://t.me/HyperSnakesONT (Ontology)3. https://t.me/HyperSnakesTron (TRON)Twitter:https://twitter.com/HyperSnakesGameFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/HyperSnakesInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/hypersnakesgame/Medium: https://medium.com/@HyperSnakesGameMixMarvel community:MixMarvel Official Website:https://www.mixmarvel.com/KakaoTalk:https://open.kakao.com/o/gmNbUgubTwitter:https://twitter.com/MIXMARVELGAMETelegram: https://t.me/MixMarvelGlobalFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/mixmarvelplatform/Medium:https://medium.com/mixmarvel-official-blogYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmXHR_CEEGB91IpritzrJlA
Hot[Daily News] INFUN unveils its Eternal Fafnir!
Official Duel Cup UTC 7:00 am September 13th Start!!
        This Duel Cup will be held only in the “Challenge Cup”. Pre-entry start time (Common) UTC September 13th 6:00 (Fri) - Period UTC September 13th at 7:00 (Fri). — September 15th 6:00 (Sun). [for BIGINNER]   *Challenge Cup is a regulation for beginner users to experience Duel Cup. Available Heroes & Extensions Hero: NoviceOriginal Extension:Uncommon / CommonReplica Hero: RepC (Up to 1 unit)Repida Extension:RepC / RepD / RepE / RepF Hero Stamina BIGINNER-Challenge:1 Rewards Trophy : NoOriginal Extension:”Pen” Series1-15th:Novice Pen (Common) Winners Point:○ Official Duel Cup Entry (1)How to enter the Official Duel CupYou can enter the Official Duel Cup from the “Battle” → “Duel Cup” banner. (2) Organize teams that can participate in each tournament.You can enter the competition by selecting 3 heroes (9 heroes for 9 on 9 Battles) according to the rules.You can use only the heroes and extensions specified in the competition. The extension can be set on the team formation screen after the competition entry. (3) Available Heroes and ExtensionsYou can use only the heroes and extensions specified in the competition. The extensions can be set on the team formation screen after the competition entry. * You can make an entry 1 hour before the tournament starts. Battles and Attack Count (number of battles) Update Timings During the Duel Cup period, you can battle as many as Attack Count.Select your opponent in the duel cup top and press the battle button to fight.When you fight, you consume the stamina specified in each competition. When it comes to the update timing described below, regardless of the number of remaining battles,The Attack Count is reset to “0/7”.*Attack Count Update TimingsUTC (Fri) 7: 00 ~ (Sat) 00: 00/Attack Count 7UTC (Sat) 00: 00 ~ (Sat) 12: 00/Attack Count 7UTC (Sat) 12: 00 ~ (Sun) 00: 00/Attack Count 7UTC (Sun) 00: 00 ~ (Sun) 6: 00/Attack Count 7*You can challenge 7 battles per renewal time and up to 28 battles during the Duel Cup.*The final day (Sunday) is 7 times including the number of battles during the Super Oni Time. Battling conditions with the same opponent During the tournament, you will not be able to fight against the opponent who won on the offensive side.*If you lose, you can fight again as many times as you want. the update time of the ranking At the following times, the ranking list and Duel Point,The total damage value is updated to the most recent state.UTC (Sat) 00: 00/12: 00UTC (Sun) 00: 00/5: 30/5: 35/5: 40 /5: 45 / 5:50 / 5: 55*The last day at 5: 30–6: 00 is 8: Super Demon Time.*From the start of Duel Cup until the first ranking update is carried out,The order and the duel point are displayed as “-”.*The ranking list is not updated/reflected on the first day of the event. method for determining the same priority The higher the dwell point you earned, the higher it is.If the score of Duel Point is the same, the higher the battle “Total amount of HP damage given” on the attacking side is, the higher the score.*Battles in defense are not covered.As an exception judgment, if both the duel point and the total damage are exactly the same, it is considered as “the same arrival”, and if both are within the order of the award, they are both eligible for the reward. real-time update information The ranking list itself is not updated until a certain amount of time has elapsed.“own provisional rank”, “his interim Duel Point”, “his own battle log”, “Other users’ battle logs” and “own total damage” are updated/reflected in real-time in the window of my info on the top page of Duel Cup. *It is a provisional rank, and the result is actually reflected.The timing that other users see is the update time of the ranking.*The battle log can be viewed at any time regardless of the update time of the ranking.(* However, it is excluded during the super oni time.) Super ONI time We set special rules for the last 30 minutes of the Official Duel Cup. <rule>(1) It will take 10 mins as a cool down to challenge after the match. (So you can only fight at most 3 times in the last 30 mins) (2) Decrease of Duel Point will be twice than usual when you lose. (3) Can’t see other players match. (4) The ranking display is updated only once every 5 minutes. [NEW!] - The display of “Rank” and “Duel Point” will be fixed for both you and your opponent during each 5 minutes. “Record” and “History” are only updated as a result of your attack. - The duel point difference with the opponent is calculated based on the fixed displayed point. (In other words, during the 5 minutes, the battle is always the same point) - Every 5 minutes, all battle results performed during that time will be totaled and the display will be updated. Following these wallet apps are recommended to use for Official Duel Cup ・MCH App・tokenPocket・GO!Wallet *You can participate the Match with other wallet, but we can’t make it sure that will work without any problems. Team Edit The Official Duel Cup needs to have a dedicated team.By pressing the “Join” button on the duel screen, team edit for the duel becomes possible.   How the Duel Point will change Duel point you get will be changed only when you challenge to other players, it won’t be changed with defensive battle. And Duel point will be reset for every match. See the table down below.   Winners Point Winners Point will be accumulated following the ranking of the Official Duel Cup. This point will be last at the end of 2019, and the acquired point will be added every time you participate in the match. ( it is expected to be reset at the end of 2019) That point will bring you the right of participation for special Match or Yearly rewards. The following Winners Points can be obtained for each Duel. The following point table will be used if the Winners Point will be obtained in both of the two games held at Double Dragons. This time, you will use the following point table.   Please check the button below(inside of the red circle).   — — — *The content of announcement is subject to change. My Crypto Heroes website : https://www.mycryptoheroes.net/discord : https://discord.gg/C66hByBtwitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroestwitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_
Item Recycling: The Overall System
        Item recycling is coming this fall and by popular demand, we are sharing some more details on this upcoming game mechanic. Items to dust Before you can recycle you will have to turn some items into dust. How much dust will I get per item? The amount of dust you will get will depend on the rarity of the item you recycle. All items in the game will be divided into several tiers according to their rarity and power. So the final amount of dust you will get per item will depend on its tier. Each time you break an item into dust there will be a chance to get a little bit more or a little bit less dust depending on your luck that day. Can I trade dust? Sure. Items market will welcome your offer. How will enchanting work? Dust will be used to improve your favorite items and make them stronger. There will be five levels of item upgrades. The amount of dust you’ll need will depend on two things: Enchantment level you will be trying to reach Tier of the item you will be trying to upgrade In contrast to breaking items, the process of improving items has a chance of failure. The greater is the level of the enchantment the harder it will be. For example, the strongest enchantment has only a 30% probability of success, and you will lose almost all your dust if you fail the roll. However, the dust and a bit of luck are not the only ingredients to awesome gear. You will also need tools. For the first two levels of enchantment, you will need an item called Regular Toolkit. For further improvements, silver and gold toolkits will come into play. Where do I get the tools? You will get a regular toolkit as a gift each time you participate in the game’s lottery. It will also be available in the Paw Shop and as a reward in the new adventure. Silver and Golden toolkits will also be available in the Paw Shop and as rewards in the new adventure. The more advanced is the toolkit the rarer and more expensive it will be. Did you calculate this thoroughly? Yes, we did. All the amounts of dust, enchantment probabilities, and drop chances come from us analyzing huge amounts of game data. We are making sure that this update will stabilize and incentivize the items market. Stay tuned to find out about the new adventure and the chance of you breaking your gear in the process. Keep hoarding, Cutieneers! It will be worth it soon. Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties! Check out the latest news in our publication and make sure you follow us on our social profiles like: ? Facebook, ? Telegram, ? Twitter, ? Discord, ❤️ YouTube and here — on Ⓜ️ Medium for more updates.  
What’s Coming In Presale Stage III
        Wars of Cutieland presale stage II is almost over.   See current time here This means that you have a little more than 5 days to get 12% off when purchasing an island for your capital. As well as to get the second stage’s exclusive Cuties like:   and   as well as several others that you can still catch here. What’s new for stage III? Stage three will bring us Cuties inspired by famous historical figures. There will be someone armed and dangerous coming from the wild west   He is rocking a hat, a pair of cowboy boots and trusty gun.   There will be someone insanely beautiful from Egypt.   Cheekbones, hypnotic eyes, crown, and scepter included.   There will be someone with great ambition and even greater strategic skills from Rome.   Heroic pose, golden laurel wreath, and an exquisite set of armor all included in the package.   All of the stage three heroes have super detailed backgrounds that tell a story about the inspiration behind those Cuties. What is also amazing is that our artists managed to give them deep mesmerizing eyes that almost seem to be glowing. We can’t wait to release them for you to enjoy! All of these heroes and some more will be available next week in the presale store. Make sure to check them out and pick your favorite to lead your empire to victory when the war begins. Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties! Check out the latest news in our publication and make sure you follow us on our social profiles like: ? Facebook, ? Telegram, ? Twitter, ? Discord, ❤️ YouTube and here — on Ⓜ️ Medium for more updates.  
Second CSC Star Trek USS Enterprise auction closes at $30,807
PC game distribution platform The Abyss integrates with Waves
PC game distribution platform The Abyss has announced it’s partnering up with the Waves Platform blockchain. Since 2018, Waves has been evolving from an ICO-focused business to a more general blockchain solution, including support for smart contracts and NFTs. Part of this move is about working more closely with game companies. For example, its recent launched Item Marketplace for NFTs supports TCG Shadow Era(live on PC and mobile) and the pre-sale for Nyan Cat: The Crypto Race. This new hook-up will result in users of The Abyss being able to trade items from supported games using Abyss tokens, effectively running a Waves-based marketplace with The Abyss. For this to happen, the Abyss tokens will be integrated with the Waves blockchain. Developers will enable this through the standard platform SDK provided by The Abyss. Also, games built using Waves will gain access to The Abyss as a distribution network. The Abyss is making Waves “The integration of Waves technology will enable The Abyss to create one of the best and the most advanced digital marketplaces in the video game industry,” noted The Abyss’ founder Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky. “Apart from boosting up blockchain adoption, it is also supposed to increase the speed of processing trading transactions.” “We strongly believe that the gaming industry will be an enthusiastic adopter of blockchain, and partnership with The Abyss will drive its widespread use,” added Waves Platform’s CEO Sasha Ivanov. Interested in Blockchain Game, Welcome to JBB.ONE
Prospectors: Video tutorial
        https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ07CHIqC2LBS3al0G7s0dA A series of tutorial videos?️ about Prospectors game. Video tutorial 01. Get started Learn about Prospectors project, about how to create an account! Video tutorial 02. Jobs & gold Learn about Prospectors game! We present you a next tutorial video about the game for beginners. Look over the main elements of UI, learn what your first steps in the Prospectors reality could be, and how to earn your first gold. Video tutorial 03. Find a plot This time Jenny going to tell you about a plot. Learn how to rent a fine plot, what object are there and how the plot rented by you differs from one rented by others and from a free one. Video tutorial 04. Resources & Mining Learn what kinds of resources exist, what is the difference between mining on different types of plots, what do you need to keep in mind, when you start extracting resources on the free plot Video tutorial 05. Workers Learn, what do you need to know to manage your workers effectively, what they can keep in their backpacks, how you can improve their capacity, and much more in the new video by Jenny (TopKpop). Video tutorial 06. Orders & Order limits Video is about the different types of Prospectors orders. You have to create an order if you want to find a job for your workers or to hire additional employees for yourself, to sell stuff or to buy what you need. Jenny (TopKpop) is going to tell you about different orders and how to create each of Video tutorial 07. Building Prospectors tutorial video about the building is ready. Look over the whole construction process and all the challenges you can meet along the way. Maybe it will bring you a decision concerning own business plan. Video tutorial 08. Staking and referral program Video about passive income with Prospectors in our new tutorial video “Staking and referral program”. Video tutorial 09. Crafting Prospectors tutorial video is about tools crafting. How to craft a tool or a part of it? What is the difference between crafted by hands tool and produced in the Tool Workshop? Join now : https://prospectors.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/prospectorsgame Telegram News: https://t.me/prospectors Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Prospectorsio Follow us on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/prospectorsgame Steemit: https://steemit.com/@prospectors Trybe: https://trybe.one/members/prospectors/blog/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/3HdcTRA
Terra Virtua and WAX bring ‘millions’ of NFTs to the Virtual Reality world
Sentiment remains positive for blockchain games, with The Sandbox the most anticipated title
The results of our latest half yearly Sentiment Survey are in Following our first Blockchain Game Sentiment Survey in January, we’re back to take the pulse of the industry, both in terms of how 2019 has panned out so far, and what’s expected in the future. As ever, we asked a panel of industry insiders as well as the public to answer a series of 10 simple questions. (You can check them out here.) The point of the two separate audiences was to check if there were any differences in opinion between these cohorts. In this context, it’s also worth pointing out, our sample isn’t large enough to offer statistically significant answers. But the findings seem interesting and worth sharing nevertheless. Getting more positive The 10 questions covered a lot of ground, but the two main questions were ‘How has the first six months of 2019 been for blockchain games?’, followed by ‘How do you think the rest of the year will be?’ Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of responses were confident or positive, with only 14% saying the first half of 2019 had been “bad”, 16% thought this situation would continue throughout the rest of 2019. Most agreed the sector’s progress had been “slow” (57%) and that this “rebuilding period” would continue (47%). However, 30% thought 2019 had been “great” for blockchain games, with 38% thinking this would also be the case for the remainder of the year. A more specific question asked was “Which blockchain do you think is best for gaming?” As previously the case, Ethereum remains the most popular choice by far, although there was a small rise in EOS advocates. Interestingly, the number of people who thought the question was “irrelevant” has dropped considerably as new blockchains such as TRON, NEO etc have become available. As to the question of what’s the advantage of using a blockchain in a game, as previously seen, “Item ownership and trading” is still the key reason. The ability for gamers to earn money and for developers to create flexible economics were also cited. Conversely, consensus about the main obstacles to mainstream adoption of blockchain games hasn’t changed: it’s poor quality games and issues surrounding onboarding and the overall user experience. But let’s end on a more positive note – what blockchain games are people looking forward to? There’s one clear winner: Animoca/Pixowl’s The Sandbox had more than double the votes of its nearest contenders Neon District and F1 Delta Time.   Interested in Block Chain Game, Welcome to JBB.ONE
Exclusive Interview with Desmond Lee the CEO of Appxplore behind CryptantCrab
Brief Intro: CryptantCrab is a Blockchain PVP game centered around artistically designed crabs that you can battle, mutate, collect and trade. Each CryptantCrab hatched is decentralized and truly exclusive to you. This means no-one will be able to temper with it, not even the developers! Designed to be uncheatable, all competitive and multiplayer aspects are on the blockchain. Players can mutate their crabs and pit them against challengers in the battle zone and all the victories and experience gained is recorded with the Crab on the blockchain. With over a million different possible combinations and the mutation system, players will have a hand in determining the look and powers of a Crab, even after it’s hatched, to create the ultimate CryptantCrab. See more of the game here← JBB.ONE:Hi Desmond. First thank you for accepting our interview! Could you introduce you and Appxplore (iCandy) to our audience? Desmond:Thanks for having us! We first started Appxplore (iCandy) as a small studio consisting of just 4 people to create fun games almost 8 years ago. We have now grown into a studio of over 40 people and have expanded our portfolio beyond mobile games into our first Blockchain Game CryptantCrab. We’ve released over 12 mobile titles and seen quite some success in the mobile game industry.We truly understand the user experience for both gamers and non gamers which drove us to develop a great crypto game that envisions a user experience that allows everyone to step into the exciting world of crypto gaming. JBB.ONE:CryptantCrab deeply impressed us with its colorful NFTs. Could you give us a brief intro of this impressive game? Desmond:CryptantCrab is a Blockchain Game that features vibrantly colourful crabs that draws the popular traditional 'Betta Fish Fight' sport that originates from Southeast Asia and is even recognized by the King of Thailand. We chose to use Crabs instead of fish because they are truly extraordinary creatures with thousands of different species across the world from all shapes and colours. These Crabs emerge from a world influenced by 5 different elements of Earth, Metal, Spirit, Water, and Fire which we drew inspiration from nature’s elements of Chi. By using influences from nature, we created a combination of colours and elemental inspirations that turned it into the CryptantCrab we have today! This all leads up to the battles in CryptantCrab where players fight their way to the top. Just like how fighting fish flare up in all their glory during battle, we added an in depth competitive aspects to the battle between crabs to make each fight an intense mix of possibilities.   JBB.ONE:CryptantCrab is a very popular blockchain game. What do you think is the most unique and attractive feature of CryptantCrab? Desmond:For CryptantCrab we explored a new direction from the conventional breeding system most NFTs had and created a unique feature of modifying your existing assets. Breeding normally increases the number of assets in a NFT economy and generally decreases the value in the market. On the other hand, CryptantCrab offers mutations that allow you to transform a single part into another possibly legendary part to make it stronger in the world of CryptantCrab. Aside from mutations the Xenograft feature allows you to transfer a specific part from a single crab to another while turning the other into a fossil. This provides even more value as it helps build complete Crab sets that gain additional bonuses and also creates a fossil. These fossil finds new life by being able to help enhance a Crab during battle, creating a cycle that keeps all assets while expanding their usefulness in the game economy. This all leads up to the arena battles which allows players to fight it out onto the leaderboard where prizes await. This is where all your mutations and fossils come into play and allow you to fight others for supremacy with your own combination and strategies. We hope these features revolutionize the way NFTs are seen and how they can interact beyond just being visually appealing collectible assets. JBB.ONE:Currently the blockchain game industry is still trying very hard to catch up with traditional games. What drives you to make blockchain games and stick to it under such uncertain environment? Desmond:We have tremendous faith in the Blockchain game industry and we see the industry evolving beyond what it is now. The features of Blockchain has the capability of expanding the possibilities of the Gaming industry and will revolutionize the way we see games. The huge aspects that we can see spearheading the change is the true ownership of assets and the transparency of interactions. These will make a mark in changing the way we see games and carve out a niche for Blockchain Games in this uncertain environment. JBB.ONE:We noticed this on your site “The concept of this crypto sport is inspired by the popular traditional ‘Betta Fish Fight’”. Why did you adapt the gameplay of fish fight or crab fight into a blockchain game? Desmond:We grew up experiencing the fun of the fighting fish sport and watching intently to see who comes out the winner in their ferocious fights. The sense of pride of owning a real fighting contender inspired the project. We wanted players to be able to truly own a beautiful creature that is alive on the blockchain and can continue to grow and develop. The vibrant colours that Betta Fish have and the vicious nature of the battles is a refreshing new concept that stands out from the traditional RPGs or the cute styled NFT Crypto games. CryptantCrab was intent on bringing a new feel that had more competitiveness and game elements that could convert into Blockchain e-Sports. JBB.ONE:PVP is a vital part of CryptantCrab. Do you have any cheat for players to create stronger crabs for battle? Desmond:One of the best things you can do is to keep a lookout for the Growth Points on a Crab with totals going up to a limit of 8 and some extremely rare ones having 9 Growth Points, these will determine how strong they get as they continue to gain levels. Choose to focus on matching stats with their Crab Heart or even the spread among the different stats to create a strong fighter. Just like real crabs in nature, each Crab has their own variations and no individual is born with the same strength and abilities. Another tip is to try Mutate and Xenograft your crab into a complete set of its body, this will grant it a significant increase in resistance all round that could greatly increase the defensive capabilities of your crab. Finally having fossils when you go into battle makes a huge difference! Whether you have a regular fossil or relic fossil, they add a bonus that gives you an edge against the competition. Do keep in mind that if the Fossil matches the element that your Crab has that bonus would double! JBB.ONE:Currently all the crabs are fighting 2-on-2 in the arena. Are you planning to add more competitive modes like 5 on 5, battle royale or group fight? Desmond:The 2-on-2 Arena Battles are a great way to get players familiar with how different mechanics affect the game. We've had a ton of ideas for the battles and have in fact panned out a battle royale concept. Before we implement these we will have to observe, evaluate and gather feedback from everyone before we proceed with these ideas.As much as we would love to implement the hundreds of ideas we have, we want to deliver only the most exclusive features to the players for the most exciting experiences that everyone can enjoy. JBB.ONE:Appxplore (iCandy) is a renowned studio with several wonderful titles. Do you have any plan to launch blockchain versions of your previous traditional games? Are you going to create more blockchain games after CryptantCrab? Desmond:Never say never. We’ve enjoyed the reaction we’ve seen from players in CryptantCrab and they seem really receptive of the unique economy, colourful crabs and battle system. Among our games we have things like cute creatures and even aliens so we can definitely see the possibilities. We believe that in the near future, blockchain gaming will be a part of the ecosystem in the gaming world and we're ready for it! Want to know what's next? Stay tuned to us! JBB.ONE:We heard that you have more exciting contents to release in the future? Can you share with the future planning and prospect for this game? Desmond:The upcoming tournaments would be a main highlight event that everyone would want to get a piece of. With a total of over 32 ETH that continues to accumulate, it’s definitely an event you don’t want to miss. As we have mentioned previously, we have so many more ideas for CryptantCrab! What we can reveal to you is that we have plans focused on new exciting battle systems and adding more challenges to the gameplay. This will provide more uses for the Crabs and not just allow players to enjoy the game but also feel the value of their assets grow in different areas. The priority is definitely going to be on the battle system and gameplay but we encourage everyone to stay tuned to our page and Discord for more updates! JBB.ONE:Thank you again for your precious time! At the very end, could you share with us your opinion and expectations of the prospect of blockchain games? Desmond:We believe in the future, blockchain gaming will restructure the ecosystem of the game industry. Players will no longer be just an "end user" anymore in a place where everything will be "started" by all the players who participate in the ecosystem. Even players will have a hand in affecting the economy of the entire industry. This will be the true power of ownership! Players are ready to become a real "player" not just in a virtual world but also as an industry driving force! Just imagine, players will not only hold digital assets, but possibly even own a battlefield or a game that can generate revenue from other participants and even from developers, publishers or advertisers. Interested in blockchain games? Stay tuned at JBB.ONE
Exclusive Interview with Nazar Chervinskyy of the blockchain MMORTES Prospectors
Brief Intro Plunge into the 19th century Gold Rush atmosphere from your device! This exciting game of strategy gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto gold by utilizing blockchain technology. Here you can start a business and explore a world teeming with resources there for the taking. Prospectors.io is the first MMORTES on EOS blockchain. All game activity happens within the project’s smart contract, and all the assets, owned by a player, are secured to him in the blockchain. The players interact within the game. Every user receives the right to control three characters (workers) who will act on his behalf. The players can team up in unions and commercial organizations for communication and more efficient work. The game currency, Prospectors gold, is the basis for economic relations among players. See more of this game here← JBB.ONE:First of all, thank you for accepting our interview! Please first introduce yourself and your team to our readers. Nazar:I'm Nazar the Head of the project. Our team isn’t big, but it gives us some privileges, like meetings in a narrow circle any time we need, where decisions by all the most important things can be made at once. JBB.ONE:The Prospectors is a very special MMO RTES (Real Time Economy Strategy) blockchain game. Could you give us a brief introduction of it? Nazar:The game resembles the world of the Gold Rush Epoque, where every player can feel himself like a real gold seeker: buy and sell, extract resources, craft tools, buy and sell goods, build mines, and look for the best plot. Here you can earn crypto gold which can become real money. JBB.ONE:What do you think is the most unique feature of The Prospectors that makes it stand out from the crowd? Nazar:Why is The Prospectors so unique? I’ll start from the fact that it’s a first MMO real-time economic strategy on the EOS blockchain - the whole separate decentralized world. Secondly, the prices on the Prospectors market will be formed according to the laws of free economics, based on the supply-demand ratio. And the most important feature of our game - in Prospectors, you will be able to lose yourself in the Gold Rush epoche, and the gold that you mine in the game will have a value in real life. JBB.ONE:Currently the blockchain game industry is still trying very hard to catch up with traditional games. What drives you to make blockchain games and stick to it under such uncertain environment? Nazar:Blockchain is a cutting edge technology which creates an environment for the games and adds to live and evolve even without its creators participating. And it's fascinating. So we believe in the blockchain, and we have no doubts that some part of the future belongs to it. JBB.ONE:It seems that collection games, education games and trading card games are the hot genres in blockchain games. Why did you choose to create a game in the less-popular simulation category with a mining and exploration scheme? Nazar:I really don't think, that it is the point. The strategy games aren’t less popular than other you’ve named above, they are just much harder to develop. That is the only reason why they're no big blockchain games on the market except Prospectors. JBB.ONE:Currently every player has only three workers. We are wondering whether you will add other optional workers or diversify roles and characters in the future? Nazar:We think that three workers are pretty enough to manage a business. So the quantity of the workers will be unchanged. You can always hire additional workers if you gonna feel lack of the working force. We plan to add a possibility to earn points for the work and be able to upgrade some of the worker characteristics. Also, we want to add an opportunity to change the appearance of workers. JBB.ONE:According to our knowledge, The Prospectors suspended a large number of accounts last week, many of which were charged with simultaneously operating multiple accounts. Many Chinese players are worried about being “jailed” for certain reason, so could you restate more clearly that in what situations would accounts be suspended? Nazar:If you are following the game rules you have nothing to worry about. We can not reveal the details of the research process. All we can say, though the multi-accounts problem is still there, our intelligent system of their detection becomes better day after day. JBB.ONE:Players can cooperate both in unions and commercial organizations in the game. Why would you introduce these two cooperation mode at the same time? What are their unique advantages? Nazar:The union is an association of players with different accounts which are working together to build the business and reach some goal. When the commercial organization is one account which belongs to a few players. They choose the Head of organization, who manage it within a defined daily budget and limit of expends. All earned money divides between all the members of the organization. Still, these features aren’t developed yet, so it’s maybe not the time to talk a lot about this. JBB.ONE:Many previous economy strategy games encountered fatal economic collapse in just one or two weeks after full release. Do you have any precautions to that kind of crisis? How do you balance the economy system in the game? Nazar:At the start of the Prospectors world, we had a goal to make the game economy launch as smooth as possible. This is why we held the Assets Auction before and set large mining volumes at the start. Now the team of game-developers constantly watches the game. This week we are going to implement the next wave of mining 'parameter changes. And we cannot say that it will be the last time. And we believe that the economy of Prospectors is going to work well. JBB.ONE:We are very excited to know that The Prospectors will enter Android and iOS platforms. Could you tell us something about your future plans and objectives? Nazar:I’m not sure, that you have the correct info. We have no plans to enter the Android and iOS platforms in the nearest future. You can play the game from your smartphone or tablet using a browser extension. JBB.ONE:Thank you again for your precious time! Last but not the least, could you share with us your perspective on the outlook of blockchain games? Nazar:Here, at Prospectors, we believe that blockchain games have great potential. Decentralized nature of such projects makes it possible for game to exist even without developers. Full transparency, that blockchain provides assures fairness. On top of that, here player is the true owner of all his assets and can trade them without need to use third parties. Interested in blockchain games? Stay tuned at JBB.ONE
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