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blockchain game Contract Servant development team in-depth interview!

        "Contract Servant - Card Game -", referred to as "CSCG", is a set-up card game built on the Ethereum, is now in hot appointment.

        Players can freely exchange and develop cards (sellers) online, and blockchains can monitor for improper behavior. The battle or reinforcement outside the game market is designed to be carried out outside the blockchain. Only the initial and final will be recorded on the blockchain, ensuring low-cost and high-speed processing, and the user experience should be good. .

        Of course, the most attractive is the game's gorgeous and exquisite card design, with super high quality game production! Since the announcement, it has caused a lot of praise.

        We are also honored to be able to conduct in-depth interviews with its development company.

        The game will offer Chinese version, but the main news and events are still being promoted in Japan. Presumably domestic information is far from satisfying everyone's curiosity and expectations. Then this interview must not be missed~



JBB.ONE: At present, there are not many introductions about games in the media, and there is even less content that overseas players can learn. Can you share with the players about the general idea of ​​the game?

Contract Servant: This game is based on gameplay and UX.

Of course, since it is a blockchain game that includes the mechanism of earning ETH by investing time, we also focus on making the game enjoyable.

In addition to Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean versions will also be available. We want more players to enjoy this game. For this reason, we will hold regular contests after the release and develop new features to add value to the cards.



JBB.ONE: As far as we know, there are many settings in the game for character cards, including attack range, constellation, JOB, crime (SIN), etc., which will have an impact on card attributes. What was the idea of ​​considering this setting at the beginning? Does this make the player feel complicated to play?

Contract Servant: We want to implement the unique factors in the blockchain game, so a lot of DNA is set in the card. Because depending on the combination of DNA, it will determine the pattern or state of the card, skills and the like, and there may be special cards that are not circulating in the market.

You may feel that the game is complicated when you are not familiar with the gameplay, but each setting is visual, so you can also aim and generate the card you want to make according to your needs.



JBB.ONE: We found that your company's Medium has articles with 9 background stories (as of April 13th), but due to language barriers, it is difficult for foreign players to understand what these background stories mean. Would you like to give the player a brief summary of these background stories? What ideas were used to design these background stories?

Contract Servant: This is a story based on Genesis and Norse mythology.

The story of this work is that the Creator tried to bring down trials to those who voluntarily war on the ground, but because of the desire of a demigod called a scorpion, mankind got the last chance.

[That is to bring a human race with the mind recognized by the Creator]

The battle to decide the matter is the stage of "Contract Servant".

The heroes who appeared in "Contract Servant" are the people in the story who are scattered in repeated struggles. On the game stage, you can sign a contract with the souls of those heroes and summon them.

The story of the official Medium is to introducing part of these past wars.

Also, the story of to face the Creator and get freedom is based on the concept of the blockchain [Decentralized].


JBB.ONE: We saw on your company's official website that "8 out of about 1 2,544.4 billion people have been selected to form a deck!", seeing that there are so many followers to choose from, I am very surprised. Will these followers be launched once or will they be rolled out in the future?

Contract Servant: 1 trillion 25.4 billion refers to the combined sequence of DNA. It didn't exist from the beginning. These DNAs were generated by users through MIX, or bought through SALE and then appeared in the game.

In addition, there is additional DNA in activities such as updates after the release. By using a special card with this DNA in MIX, it is also possible to create a card that holds DNA that has not been circulated so far.



JBB.ONE: We found that every card in the game is very beautiful, and it is in the upper level of the blockchain game. Are these materials accumulated during the game on weekdays, or are all new materials produced?

Contract Servant: The illustration of the cards used in the game is an illustration that has been accumulated in our company. Of course, because we need more illustrations in order to continue to provide, we will make new original materials for this work later.


JBB.ONEIt's a game with such a huge number of cards, and the style is very good. The production team is also very strong. Can you tell us about your production team?

Contract Servant: "Contract Servant" brings together a lot of members with rich experience in developing page games or app games. Although it is impossible to introduce each member, there are many members of the Japanese app "WORLD CROSS SAGA" who are working on it.

"WORLD CROSS SAGA" has been downloaded more than 5 million times in Japan, and thanks to the construction of the deck and strategically received a lot of praise, "Contract Servant" will use the technology that has been cultivated in the previous work to achieve this card. Group building and strategic games.


JBB.ONE: In the current development plan, have you considered adding new features or models? For example, the PVE mode, and the "guild" or "guild war" mode.

Contract Servant: Of course, a variety of features will be added after the release. The "guild" is also scheduled.

Although the subsequent updates cannot be communicated in detail, the information will be available at any time in the official Medium. Please check it out.



JBB.ONE: Currently, users can learn about the game only by Twitter, Medium, and a small number of blockchain game intelligence websites. Although your company has a YouTube channel, it only uploads the official BGM video. In addition to these channels, has your company considered other ways to increase the online and offline activities that are commonly used in current blockchain games? If so, what kind of activities will be offered to the players?

Contract Servant: Of course, like other games, we plan to host events and accompanying promotional ads. Messages about this section will be posted on Twitter, so be sure to check it out.

For YouTube, although you will be scheduled to upload videos such as game introductions, most of the promotions will be conducted for Japan first. After coordination, we will also consider global promotions.


JBB.ONE: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and thank you for your participation in the blockchain game industry. The blockchain game market can only flourish if there are constantly well-made games like "Contract Servant" entering the blockchain game field. So in the end, can you briefly talk about future plans and prospects?

Contract Servant: The blockchain gaming market is still evolving. But we recognize that this is a market that is growing steadily.

We predict that many companies will continue to experiment in the blockchain game market in the future and will experience explosive growth in the future due to a certain timing.

In order to reach this point, we believe that it is necessary to expand the blockchain game market and promote the development of the industry. Our company will use blockchain game media, game making and other means to move forward.

"Contract Servant" is the first project of the game department project.

In this work, we will implement measures for users who have not yet touched the blockchain game, and want more users to "the first time to play the blockchain game is Contract Servant."

In addition, in order to allow users without Ethereum to enjoy the game, we will introduce Fiat payment in the update.

The company also hopes to continue to provide the second and third parts, as well as games that can bring development to the industry. For this reason, the first part of "Contract Servant" also ask for more advice!



Interested in Block Chain Game, Welcome to JBB.ONE

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