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Exclusive Interview with Markéta Korteova of Spells of Genesis Team

Spells of Genesis Intro:

Spells of Genesis is a mobile game that is a mix of a trading card game (TCG), bringing in deck collection and strategy, along with arcade-style gaming aspects. The game is based on blockchain technology, which is also the main source of inspiration for the storyline.

Collect, trade and combine orbs to build the strongest decks, and put them to the test against various opponents while exploring the fantasy realm of Askian.

Play free now!

Click here to see more of SoG.


JBB.ONEHello, Markéta Korteova, I am very glad that you accept our interview! Could you please introduce you and your team first?

Markéta KorteovaHello, thank you, I’m always glad to help you to discover our products!

My name is Markéta Korteova and I’ve been working for EverdreamSoft since more than four years now, currently at the position of COO. EverdreamSoft is a Swiss-based company, founded in 2010. Originally created as a pure game studio, since a few years we’re more and more exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology for gaming and entertainment industry.

Our founder and CEO, Shaban Shaame whom you may have heard about, created and released his first game – Moonga – in 2010. In 2015 we launched a successful ICO, one of the first ones ever, to fund the beginning of the development of our current main game title – Spells of Genesis.

Currently, our team is pretty small, only 4 people, but we hope to grow soon, because we have a lot of interesting projects in pipe and we’d like to develop tools for other game developers and for blockchain game players, allowing them to get the most from what blockchain technology has to offer.



JBB.ONEWhen we first came into touch with "Spells of Genesis", we were really impressive! As a card game, its gameplay is very different from the other popular card battle games such as "Catalyst Legend". Would you like to introduce this game for players unfamiliar with it yet?

Markéta KorteovaSpells of Genesis (SoG) is a mobile game that mixes trading card game aspects with some arcade game elements. Players collect card with different abilities, such as speed, attack, or various spells, they can fuse them in order to improve their abilities and get a stronger character to better tackle their enemies.

One of the SoG particularities is the feature of “blockchainization”: once a card has been evolved to its maximum level, players have the possibility to exchange their in-game card for a blockchain copy! This way, the card can still be played in the game, but also exchanged outside the game, on the blockchain. Some cards are released on the blockchain directly, and by connecting them to player’s wallet they can play them. A few cards are even playable in several different games! As a matter of fact, Spells of Genesis is the first game using blockchain elements ever.



JBB.ONEWhy did you choose to make this type of game and combine it with cards? How did you come up with this great idea?

Markéta KorteovaWith our first game, Moonga, we encountered a few issues – some players were trying to cheat on others by selling them very rare game items for ridiculous amounts in-game, while asking for huge amounts paid outside the game. Then they contacted us saying their account had been hacked and their rare cards stolen. We realized that the this was a huge problem.

With the advent of blockchain, we saw a possible solution to this issue: by giving players the “true ownership” of their game items, we empower them to exchange legally their game assets for crypto, we prevent the fraud and we bring a whole new dimension to the gaming.


JBB.ONEAt present, the blockchain game industry seems still hard to go. With this uncertainty prospect, what makes you to decide to create and insist on developing blockchain games?

Markéta KorteovaBlockchain gaming is a still a niche market, but we’ve explored just a bit of it so far. Blockchain gaming segment is very promising. Gamers love playing games and this gives the games their value while blockchainers have financial resources to spend, but they’re usually more interested in speculating than in using the final product.

Blockchain gamers bring the advantages of both groups: they have money to spend on game items, and they play the games they’ve invested in!


JBB.ONEPlease introduce the story background of the game for everyone! In the official website you said: "The game is based on blockchain technology, which is also the main source of inspiration for the storyline." Why did you say so?

Markéta KorteovaAs I mentioned above, some cards playable in SoG are issued directly on the blockchain. We started to do so far before the game itself existed, even before we launched the ICO. Our first cards were all inspired by important blockchain events, projects and personalities: you can find “Satoshi the Creator of Blockchain”, “Sir of Ether” or “Vitali Buter Etehr Mage”. They all are allegories of what happened in the blockchain worlds and, since the card itself are created on the blockchain they’re part of the history now.

The gameplay itself is situated in the Valley of Askian, a mountain region, rich thanks to its reserves of precious gems hidden deep down in the mountains, which are extracted by brave miners. Does it sound familiar to you? 



JBB.ONEAs far as we know, the cards in "SpellsofGenesis" is divided into game cards and blockchain cards. Is it because considering of the ordinary gamers and blockchain gamers?

Markéta KorteovaDefinitely. Spells of Genesis is designed the way that even “non-blockchain” players can enjoy it! You don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin, Ether, fees, confirmation and other crypto stuff to enjoy the gameplay.

On the other hand, with “blockchainization”, you can discover what “gaming on blockchain” can bring to you and get smoothly on board.


JBB.ONE"SpellsofGenesis" is very intuitive and easy to understand, and you will be addicted to itimperceptibly! Do you also often play this game? Are there any tips or interesting stories to share with the players?

Markéta KorteovaEven if you have already went through all the level, do not hesitate to play them again – there are a few big packages of gold (one of the in-game currencies) hidden throughout the levels! 


JBB.ONE"SpellsofGenesis" can be played on the computer or downloaded to a mobile device. Are there any differences between the two versions?Can the blockchain cards on the computer and mobile phones be traded with each other?

Markéta KorteovaSpells of Genesis is mainly intended to be a mobile game, therefore the mobile version is more complete, has more features.

Regarding the blockchain cards: as these are not stored within the game database, but in the player’s wallet (or, more precisely, on the blockchain), all you need to do to use your blockchain cards is to connect your wallet to your game account (there’s a button in the game menu, it’s pretty easy and won’t take more than a few minutes, including downloading the wallet if you have not one yet). Then, once you’re logged in to your game account, you can use your blockchain cards, no matter where you’re playing.



JBB.ONEWe saw that the official website of the game is currently available in three languages. Will the game itself consider launching more languages?

Markéta KorteovaThe game itself is already available in 12 languages, including Chinese!


JBB.ONE"SpellsofGenesis" is such a unique game in blockchain game field, a very fresh experience for players, which is something that we all like to see. About the future of SpellsofGenesis, are there some further development plans? Would you like to disclose some information for us?

Markéta KorteovaRecently, after a short break, we resumed releasing brand new blockchain cards! The first two - White Dragon and Werewolf - are already out.

There’s also the monthly leaderboard, with different in-game and blockchain rewards each months!



JBB.ONEThank you for taking the time to answer our questions. In the end, can you briefly talk about your point of view to blockchain game and its expectations? Will you still continue to develop new blockchain game?

Markéta KorteovaAt EverdreamSoft, our vision of the blockchain gaming future is the “co-creation”. We think that thanks to the blockchain technology, the border between huge studios producing games and content on one side and players and users consuming it on the other side will become more and more blurred. We want to provide anyone with the possibilities to create a value, share it with the others and to be rewarded for their contribution. 

That’s why we’re currently focusing on development of a blockchain suite for game creators, players, IP owners and collectors. Stay tuned! 


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