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[Announcement]Next Colosseum-season 18-


Let me introduce the next Colosseum.




*You can use Novice heroes from this time.


[Qualifier] UTC 6:00 Jun 24th — UTC 0:00 Jul 2nd
[Main Term 1] UTC 6:00 Jul 2nd — UTC 0:00 Jul 5th
[Main Term 2] UTC 6:00 Jul 5th — UTC 0:00 Jul 8th
[Main Term 3] UTC 6:00 Jul 8th — UTC 0:00 Jul 11th
[Main Term 4] UTC 6:00 Jul 11th — UTC 0:00 Jul 14th
[Main Term 5] UTC 6:00 Jul 14th — UTC 0:00 Jul 17th
[Result display] UTC 0:00 Jul 17th — UTC 0:00 Jul 19th

The changes from the next Colosseum

Battle Lab

  • We calculate the attack result.
  • It is calculated from the deviation for each rarity.
  • If the calculation result is minus, it will be calculated as 0.
  • The update timing is the start of each term.

The other’s change

  • You can use Novice Heroes.
    *Novice heroes can’t get the buff from Battle Lab.
    *Novice Heroes can’t get TENKEI buff.
  • When you enter Colosseum, default defense team 1 is the same with the offense team, and defense team 2 is Novice heroes. You can edit freely.
  • We implemented the “Skip Function” when you continue. We’ll consider when we will implement it as the official function.

What’s the skip function?

For who wins a lot of battle, the early battles just take up so much of your time, and this is the UX problem. To solve it, we implemented the “Skip Function” as the trial.

You can continue again from “the number of wins in a row before losing firstly -5” at the last challenge.

For example, you won 10 battles in a row and lose 11 battles for the first time. Then, you can try again from the status that you win 5 times. In this case, the enemy you will match is the same strongness as you will be matched after 5 wins. There are no logical changes about the enemy’s strongness you have to fight against.

Maximally, you can skip 50 wins.

Battle Lab

Due to “Battle Lab”, your heroes get buff by the win rate and use rate. The more your heroes are not active, the more heroes get buff.

From the Battle Lab page on Colosseum, you can check how your heroes get buff.

*Replica heroes also get the effect like Original ones.


It’s a Japanese example.

When you tap here, you can check how to fluctuate the amount of buff.


In “Battle Lab”, the buff will be calculated by the “use rate” and “win rate” every about 15 minutes.
*We will change 15 minutes interval thinking about the burdens of system and UX.

*Your heroes will get the effect at the time of the battle. If there are some changes between matching and battle (60 seconds), there is nothing to do with your heroes.

Your heroes can get the status buff or de-buff from Battle Lab, and the status effected by Battle Lab will be the initial status on the Battle.

*Surely, the maximum number of PHY, INT, and AGI is 999.
Only HP is over 1000 from Battle Lab.

TENKEI skills

The following will be reset from the results of the previous Coliseum.
Please wait for the announcement at a later date for the results of the tally.

If the original hero is a target of TENKEI, the replica hero is also a target of TENKEI skill.

・ Hero with high usage rate x winning rate> No TENKEI
・ Hero with low usage rate x winning rate> with TENKEI
* In addition, adjust skills.

By multiplying the above values, all heroes except Novice were renewal to the following three levels based on usage × win rate.

Increase:Even though TENKEI skill was active, the winning rate was low, so TENKEI skill was further strengthened.

Activate:Since TENKEI skill was not activated, it was activated.

Rescission:It was a target of TENKEI skill, but it was released because usage rate x winning rate became high.

There are basically no plans to change TENKEI during this Coliseum.
As an exception, if the winning percentage changes extremely, there is a possibility that the TENKEI skill will be changed during the period of aggregation and grouping between terms.
* In addition, it will be updated according to the total result from the next time.
* Skill changes will be displayed in the “rule description” of the in-game Coliseum.


About Total Ranking

-Introduce the Total Ranking to the Coliseum. This is determined based on the cumulative CP( Coliseum Points ) earned for each Term.

- The ranking reward will be granted based on this season ranking.

- The higher the layer and the higher the ranking, the more Coliseum points will be earned at the end of the main Term.

-If the total points are the same, the user who was higher in the final term will be ranked higher in the Total ranking.

Point table obtained at the end of each term



*You can see the reward announcement in-game.

This is the commemoration of Colosseum, so there are rewards a little more comparing as usual.

*We will arrange the number of rewards in colosseum.

We will distribute original extension, Winners Point, and the right to participate in King Dragon by your Season Ranking.

Original Extensions

“Twin Blade” series (* The same applies to GOZO.)


Rank 1 to 3:Legendary & right to participate in King Dragon
Rank 4 to 12:Epic
Rank 13 to 36:Rare
Rank 37 to 72:Uncommon
Rank 73 to 144:Common

Twin Blade series is the new series that you can get from the battle content. You can’t get from Node.

We will add some new series that you can get only for the battle.



GOZO rewards

GOZO is the system that you got the chest as the reward.
You can see what you get from the chest after finishing colosseum.

You will be distributed GOZO between Main Battle term. The amount of chests is up to your rank and layer.

You can open your chest after 3 hours from the end of colosseum.

When you are in high Layer, you can get Rare-GOZO which has a higher possibility to get higher rarity extension comparing usual GOZO.
You can get something from the chest including TOKU. There are no empty chests.

*About TOKU, Rare-GOZO has a higher possibility to get higher TOKU than usual GOZO.


You can see which series is included in GOZO from rules.


The amount of Rare-GOZO


The amount of GOZO


About entry fee.

You consume CE from CE Barrel.
*You don’t consume stamina in Colosseum.

Please check the detail of CE Barrel from the URL below.

[announcement]Ecosystem Update:CE barrel.

We will introduce the “ CE barrel”. This system starts on Mar 12th.



There are two kinds of fees. One is the entry fee, and the other is the Re-entry fee.

The higher Layer you’re in, The more amount of CE you need. When you want to re-enter, the more time you re-entered, the more amount of CE you need.

In the future, the amount of CE you need will be variable. As CE all users consume, the amount of CE you need gets to be high, but it decreases as time.
( The basic line will be up to layer.)

CE you need basically to participate in Colosseum will be decided by Ecosystem like Minted CE of the last season.
This is under review.

CE consumption for the first challenge in each Term


CE consumption at re-entry


You can set up two defense teams

You can set up two defense teams.
We hope you will set up the team which prevents rivals to go to high record!

We’re planning to put the rewards for the player who can success to defense.

※There is a possibility that the content will be changed.

My Crypto Heroes


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