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What Gaming on Matic Will Be Like?


This summer, Blockchain Cuties Universe is launching on Matic.

The Fifth Blockchain Will Be …

The summer of 2020 is going to be huge for Blockchain Cuties Universe.



Since we would be one of the first games on this exciting platform, we decided to talk a bit about the process of blockchain gaming and how it all works.

If you are a blockchain gaming pro, you probably know all this. But if you are new and curious about the world of blockchain games, this post is for you.

Why do games run on blockchains?

Blockchain games give the players the value of true ownership. No matter what happens, your in-game assets are yours to trade in whatever way you choose.

In centralized games, developers fully control the market and can change or take away your assets at any time.

In blockchain games, you can even take your trading off the original platform, use any strategy, and your assets are truly yours. There’s also additional security and anonymity.

How do you start playing on Matic or another blockchain?

First, you choose a blockchain to play on.

Second, you need to get a blockchain wallet.

It’s as easy as installing an app or filling out a form on a website. You can find multiple wallet apps ready to help you register a wallet.

This wallet will hold cryptocurrency as well as your in-game assets.

Once you have a wallet, you can start playing.

You enter the game by authorizing with your blockchain wallet. This way the game can recognize which assets you are holding.

Making your first blockchain transaction

One of the first transactions you will probably make is buying cryptocurrency for regular fiat money.

Once you have some crypto in your account, you can start making transactions within a game.

Initial investment

Blockchain Cuties Universe, like most crypto games, requires an initial investment. There’s no definite size of it. Depending on your strategy, it can be as big or as small as you choose. Some people get started by investing a crypto equivalent of hundreds of dollars and start their game with an advantage. Others start with a few dollars of investment and actively work on growing their asset value.

Both strategies work well, and it is up to the player to make the decision.

Transaction process

When you make an in-game blockchain transaction, it is given to the smart contract that makes sure that both sides of the deal are fulfilled.

The transaction gets mined and recorded on the blockchain. This makes it anonymous, secure, and transparent.

Once your transaction is confirmed, your new assets or cryptocurrency are 100% yours.

Interacting with the market

The free market is the best thing about blockchain games.

In Blockchain Cuties Universe there are three markets to trade in-game goods and services on:

  1. Cutie market — Cutie market trades Cutie tokens for cryptocurrency. You can buy and sell Cuties here.
  2. Breeding market — breeding market trades Cutie breeding services for cryptocurrency. You can choose a breeding partner for your Cutie or put your Cutie there to breed with others. Resulting Cutie child goest to the buyer and cryptocurrency goes to the seller.
  3. Items market — items market trades in-game items for cryptocurrency. Here you can sell treasures your Cuties brought back from adventures and purchase all kinds of consumable and wearable items for your Cuties.

All three markets are always open and free for anyone to join.

The choice of strategy is limited only by one’s imagination.

Blockchain Cuties Universe market specifics

Blockchain Cuties Universe keeps changing and growing. Market trends come and go. Little monopolies arise, and price dumping happens. Some things are a dime a dozen, and some are extremely rare and valuable. It is a very dynamic place.

As Wars of Cutieland draw closer, a lot of changes are coming to the game and its market. The most successful players always keep an eye on that. While there are stable bulletproof strategies, it’s a good idea to keep an eye for new opportunities that arise every now and then. The speed to market matters greatly and some items or Cuties can significantly change in value with time.

A good example is Cutie gear with season bonuses. In its season it gives Cuties a huge advantage against current enemies. But once the season is over, this advantage is gone, and it gets reflected in the value of these items.

Playing on Matic

Matic was designed with games and other dapps in mind.

Matic in-game transactions will be smooth, fast, and very cost-efficient. These advantages will allow us and many other developers and platforms to introduce more sophisticated game mechanics without hindering the players’ experience. This will create even more value for the game’s community.

Matic network is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It is able to accommodate people new to blockchain and not fall short to the expectations of regular gamers.

Playing on multiple blockchains

Blockchain Cuties Universe supports multiple blockchains. You can hold in-game assets and play on all of them.

You can manage all your assets on all blockchains from the same game account. You have a lot of opportunities to diversify your portfolio and try different market strategies.

Even if your Cuties live on different blockchains, in the game, they act together.

How To Add Multiple Blockchain Wallets To My Blockchain Cuties Account?

Blockchain Cuties Universe is currently available on four blockchains NEO, ETH, EOS, and TRON. And soon, there will be…



Launch on Matic

Blockchain Cuties Universe is launching on Matic this summer. It will be the game’s fifth blockchain.

Launching on a new blockchain opens a totally new market for the entire game’s community.

Game’s markets on each blockchain are unique and have their specifics. We expect Matic’s in-game markets to be very dynamic and fast-growing.

Joining Matic’s market early vs waiting

Launch on a new blockchain is always a hype-filled event. There’s a lot of excitement and opportunity.

If you join the market early, you will have a first-hand advantage. It will be a more intense experience as compared to waiting it out.

Joining the market later is safer, but you will need to play a bit of catch-up to establish yourself.

Both strategies worked for players in the past.

We hope this post helps you make your first steps in blockchain gaming and gives an insight into our Matic launch.

We can’t wait to welcome Matic’s community and make this launch the most important event of Summer 2020.

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