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How To Build The Best Capital In Cutieland


Many Cutieneers have already claimed their capitals in preparation to The Wars of Cutieland. Having land is a great start, but it’s not the only thing you will need to build an empire.

Your capital in Cutieland is your home base that cannot be taken away. The capital is the heart of your campaign. It is where you start your expansion. The capital contains the key administrative centers of your empire. You can claim your capital here.

For your capital to thrive, you will need to strategically develop it by building various institutions, factories, and other structures.

Each type of capital contains a certain area that you can use for your buildings. While small islands will give you enough place for a few key buildings, the bigger islands might give a bigger advantage by not limiting the building space.

What do I need to start building?

When you already have a capital and some building space available, you will need:

  • Resources like wood, stone and others
  • Time for your Cuties to build

For more advanced buildings you will need:

  • Prerequisite buildings you have to build first
  • Research to get the blueprints

What if I don’t have enough space for all my buildings?

You will be able to expand your capital to fit the new buildings in. This will be possible both with your game progress and using CUTE to buy additional space.

Those expansions will look like 4x4 squares added to your city grid.

The number of capital expansions you can buy or get will depend on your capital’s city level. This means that a small rural village has less expansion potential than a high-tech megalopolis.

What building types can I build?

There will be three main categories of buildings:

  • Economic buildings — will bring you resources, research points and everything you will need to support your economy and trade
  • Military buildings — will improve the city’s defense and support its armies
  • Decorative buildings — will make your capital beautiful by adding special touches to your city

Economic buildings

These buildings will include core resource suppliers like:

  • Lumber mill for lumber
  • Farm for food
  • Quarry for stone
  • Titanium mine for titanium

As well as more advanced buildings like:

  • Research center to discover new technologies
  • Storehouse to keep your resources safe from city raiders
  • Breeding center to breed and experiment with genome
  • Alchemy lab — to craft potions and other useful items
  • Trading post — to trade resources with other players

Military buildings

These building will include structures to train your Cuties for war:

  • Archery to train archers
  • Stables to train cavalry
  • Infantry to train foot soldiers
  • Workshop to train siege machine operators.

And buildings to support your war efforts like:

  • Hospital to heal your soldiers after a battle
  • Scout Camp to host your scouts
  • Forge to craft powerful weapons
  • Gate to fortify your city
  • Tower to protect your city from invaders

Decorative buildings

These buildings are meant to make your capital feel and look amazing. They just bring joy and happiness.

You will be able to decorate your city with:

  • Roads
  • Trees
  • Statues
  • Sculpture
  • Fountains
  • And other beautiful elements

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