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Contract Servant combat system

        This article will introduce the combat system of the beautiful card blockchain game "Contract Servant - Card Game -" (contractor)!


Combat rules

♦ 5-round automatic combat

♦ Eliminate all the enemies to win

♦ One with the most survivors wins at the end of the 5 rounds

♦ If the winner is still unable to determine, one with more remaining HP will win.

♦ Use the servant to 8vs8 fight

♦ Consume BP to fight



Something you can get in battle


Participate in rewards

In-game currency CSC (used to strengthen the slave)


Ranking reward

Common slave

In-game currency CSC


Event ranking reward

Qualified servant

Token servant

Common servant

In-game currency CSC



Round process

        A total of 16 servants act on both sides.

        The action is taken from the first attacker of the first position, and the final attack is followed by the end of the round.

        An allied servant with the same order will simultaneously perform a combo.



Sequential mechanism

        There are 1 to 9 in the order.

        There can be one servant in sequence 1 and up to five servants in sequence 5.

        Therefore, the final stage can use a large number of servants at the same time to cause a lot of damage compared to the opening phase of the round.

        If two servants are configured in sequence 1, one of them will be in standby without action.



Basic strategy


Combat every turn

        The key is how to fight in the fifth round. The attacker and guardian can act every turn, but the magician can only return in an even number, and the therapist can only move back in odd numbers.

        The guardian needs to guard the magician and the therapist from being hit before the action.


About combos

        If you set most of the servants in the same order, you can act at the same time. A devastating blow can be given by repeatedly applying buff to the servants in the previous round. But if you over-consolidate the servants in the same place, you will also be in the risk of continuous attacks by enemies.


Balance of attack range

        The wider the attack range, the more dispersed attack and recovery the servants will be in. The small range of firepower is high, but there is a possibility of attack failure.

        You can build a well-balanced team, such as an attacker targeting a narrow range of enemy defenders, or a magician with a wide range of debuff attacks.


♢ Servants with wide attack range

Pros: Skills can be launched on many objects. Action is easy to succeed.

Disadvantages: low firepower


♢ Servants with small attack range

Advantages: high firepower

Disadvantages: Skills can be launched on fewer objects. Action is easy to fail.



Predict enemies’ lineup

        There are reward squares for each season in the battle. A special square will be given a gained buff, so it is more likely to place servants in the square.



        Who should be the first priority to protect?

♢ Guardians with the Protect series skills

        In order to let the servant of the main combat live to at least 3 rounds.

♢ attackers with Defender Killer

        In order to let the opponent’s taunted servant exits in the early rounds

♢ Therapists with Ailment Recover

        In order to restore the abnormal state of the inoperable servant

♢ Magicians with Paralysis, Freeze

        In order to let the enemies can’t act due to abnormal conditions such as paralysis, freezing, sleep, temptation, etc.


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