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The F1®Delta Time's white paper is announced! Gameplay and ecosystem description

The F1®Delta Time’s white paper is announced! Gameplay and ecosystem description

This article is translated from the dAppsmarket: https://dappsmarket.net/f1delta-time/wp-ecosystem/

First auction of the highest record

        At the end of May, a limited auction of the F1 Racing Official Blockchain game "F1®Delta Time" was held.

        Despite only a short time for three days, the first NFT won the bid with a high price of 415.9ETH (worth $110,743), which caused quite a big topic in the industry.

        This record is the highest price in the history of branded and cooperative blockchain games. It can be seen that F1's brand power and expectations for the game are high.

        The white paper "F1®Delta Time" was finally released.

        After reviewing the contents of the white paper, it can be seen that the gameplay and the ecosystem envisioned by F1®Delta Time are quite clear, and I will summarize them below.


Tokens used in the game

        The first thing to remember as a prerequisite is the type of token used in the game.

        The following two tokens are used in F1®Delta Time.

♦ ERC721

♦ ERC20

        The ERC 721 is an NFT for game props and the like. In this case, it corresponds to the car, parts and driver in the game.

        ERC20 is the currency in the game.

        The REV token will be the participation fee and bonus for the competition. In the current game point of view, it is something like a gilt stone.

        In addition, this REV token can be used not only in the F1®Delta Time game, but also in other games offered by its development company Animoca Brands.


White paper summary

        Although the white paper records all kinds of small things, the point gameplay is the players really care about. And also the mechanism to make money.

♦ Gameplay

♦ Ecosystem

        So here we mainly focus on these two points.




        First of all, "F1®Delta Time" is a two-sided game.

♦ Collectibles

♦ Race game

        This part is closely related to the gameplay or the way to make money.



        First of all, the first one is gameplay with collection elements.

        Although collecting the assets of the F1 brand is the main gameplay, the game also has other gameplay elements.

        This part is a feature that will be updated after the release. It will update the display board showing the collection rate of each item and rank it.

        This ranking locator will issue tokens or other assets used in the game and earn money through item collection.

        You can also get rewards by combining the collected assets and reaching certain conditions.

        In addition to showing off various assets, users also have a purpose of collection, so this way of enjoying can also be used as a game.


Contest game

        The gameplay of F1®Delta Time may also be quite similar to existing games.

        First of all, the competition requires a variety of participants to participate in tokens. Top entrants will be issued tokens and assets.

        Not only the high asset ability can win the game, but the player skill is also one of the important factors of the strategy.

        In each competition, there are brake points and acceleration points, and by adjusting this point, the performance of the car can be improved.

        Unlike the placement in the blockchain game so far and then the game itself will play, it is also a point to enjoy the game.

        These images are reproduced in 2.5D, so you can experience a very spectacular game depending on the production.


Summary of the game

        As I said before, the game is a fight about tokens (REV).

        As a participant in the payment of the token, the contestant who is at the top of the competition can receive a portion of the total reward. (reward also has assets)

        In addition, the game will use a variety of assets such as its own car or driver. These assets are rich in variety and can be customized with high degree of freedom.

        There are many of these components.

        But if you don't collect all of them, you won't be able to play in the game.

        The minimum limit requires the following three assets.

♦ Racing

♦ Driver

♦ Tires

        If you have at least these 3 items, you will be fine. Of course, if you have other parts, it will be more beneficial in the game, so if you want to win, you can try to collect a variety of parts.

        Parts have a variety of rarities, and changing the customization will also affect the previously described braking and acceleration points.

        Winning a game requires a lot of strategy, so there are likely to be a lot of extra elements.


Racing related state attributes

Max Speed

Speed ​​of the car

(especially important in a straight line)



Racing acceleration

(It's important in a lot of turns)



Accuracy of cornering

(affects the speed of cornering)



Improve individual status attributes or enhance changes in weather response


Driver related status attribute


Restoration in physical objects such as skidding



State attribute that enables it to run faster



Affect the stability of performance



Same as the car

        Also about the tires, this is also a very interesting point.

        Tires are consumables in the real world, and if the grip (braking force) is worse, they must be replaced. This is also slightly reproduced in F1®Delta Time.

        How much tires will be consumed after the game is played.

        If you continue to use the consumed tires, the braking force will decrease and the performance during the game will decrease. But this can be recovered by paying REV.

        Also, compatibility with the track in which the game is played will also affect the results.

        That is to say, there are various types of tires.

        Small factors like this are also the key to win the game, so collecting all kinds of assets to challenge the game is the secret to the game.

        Also, the matching of the game is made up of members with similar strengths, so there is no saying that you can only give up because you are not as good as them, you can enjoy the game happily.



        With regard to the ecosystem, it is easy to think about how to make money.

        Although already explained, the following is how to make money with F1®Delta Time.

♦ Collecting and selling collectibles

♦ Earn prizes in the game

♦ Get automatic benefits on owned tracks

        There is also a track project that has not been introduced, and will be introduced in the future.


Collecting and selling collectibles

        The first is the way to make money from collectibles.

        This is as much as the stated need to achieve the same rewards in the existing game by achieving certain conditions (the car is in line with the driver).

        In addition, there are other props of the F1 brand, so the sale of collectibles can also generate income, so it is very valuable for investment.

        Especially by collecting designated drivers and cars to get rewards, the liquidity of assets is bound to be high.


Earn bonuses in the game

        It's easy to understand by earning a bonus by participating in the competition.

        Use tokens to pay for participation fees, rewards for tokens, and access to assets, which can also be profitable.

        The form of participation fees and distribution bonuses is still unclear, but the main way to make money is like this.


Get automatic benefits on owned tracks

        The last is to earn money on the track that is owned.

        A total of 21 tracks will be updated in F1®Delta Time, and if you become the owner of these tracks, you will be able to play your own.

        Of course, these competitions can also set the participation fee, collect the participation fee, and all the remaining after allocating a certain amount of tokens is their own income.

        The participation fee and allocation settings can be determined by the owner or multiple games at the same time, so you may be able to make a lot of money.

        Buying these tracks will be a very attractive investment.


Use of REV tokens

        The REV tokens used in F1®Delta Time have a variety of uses.

♦ Buy in-game items

♦ Content usage fee

♦ Use in other games

        It's not just a game currency, it can also be used in a variety of games provided by Animoca, so it also forms a large framework ecosystem.


Silhouette of mysterious racing car

        It is worth mentioning that while the white paper is open, the official Twitter of "F1®Delta Time" also released the silhouette of a car's mystery.

        The real body of this car is...?

        Can you guess? Let us wait and see.


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