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Blockchain Game11month(s) ago
Winter Event Is Coming!

2019 has been a year of great achievement for us and the Cutieneer community. So we are planning to end this year with a glorious Christmas event.

This year’s winter event will include Season Pass II

We are preparing something you have never seen before. The winter event will be very different from anything we did earlier. For this event, we came up with a lot of new gameplay features for you guys, and also kept your favorite things about Blockchain Cuties events and Season I.

What to expect from the winter event?

You know that here at Blockchain Cuties, we believe that more is more. So this winter you are getting all that you expect from a Christmas event and a Season Pass combined. Plus a truck of cherries on top.

Your favorites we’re keeping

For the winter event, we kept all the things you loved in the previous events we did. You will have:

  • Crafting — you will be able to craft holiday-themed Cuties and loot boxes.
  • Special adventure — your Cuties will venture into a brand new land and try to claim its treasures.
  • Special raid boss — your Cuties will face a new adversary and try to steal their wintery treasures
  • Event Challenges — play hard to get the best rewards. Your Cuties will face various challenges to open access to special holiday rewards.
  • Community efforts — the teamwork will matter and you will work with other Cutieneers to get more out of the event.
  • Premium option — you will be able to buy a premium pass to have guaranteed access to the best items, Cuties and other prizes of the event.

New things we’re adding

This part is going to be surprising, so prepare yourself. There are so many novelties that you can get overwhelmed.

  • New raid boss mechanic — the Christmas raid boss will have a completely different approach to distributing rewards. It will be much fairer and will give all raid participants a chance to get epic items. The best part? If you like it, we will make other raid bosses follow the same pattern.
  • New adventure mechanic — the winter adventure will be like the Halloween one in terms of the variety of adversaries your Cuties can face. But there will be a catch. The adventure will have a limit system on how many attempts can be made. So you will need to get very strategic with Cuties you send to fight.
  • Event’s top list and lottery — there will be a list of top players of the winter event. Each person on that list will have a chance to win the most special prize the game can offer. The mind-blowing thing is that every person will have a chance to win, but for the top event participants, this chance will be higher.
  • New consumables — we are introducing new types of potions. Some you might expect. Some will blow you out of the water.
  • New upgradable Cutie wallpapers — we are preparing a new holiday wallpaper mechanic. The more times you apply the special wallpaper to the Cutie the more awesome its background will get.

These and several other exciting novelties are coming to you this December. We will break each of them down in the coming posts, so you know what to expect.

When will the winter event start?

The winter event will start in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Stay tuned for more details, sneak peeks and updates!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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