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Get your very own unique avatars !!!



Avatar lineup

6 avatars will be added. Each of these avatars will come with one of the ten different options. Each option is exclusive and exhaustive.

Avatar1: Guan Yu
A legendary general in the ancient Chinese tale of the three kingdoms. He carries Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

Avatar2: King Arthur
A legendary leader from ancient British folklore. He carries Excalibur, a legendary sword. He’s a mighty fighter who always spearheads his troop and slay the enemy mercilessly with his mighty two-handed Excalibur.

Avatar3: Dragon Rider
A queen who tamed the dragon and conquered the seven kingdoms. The queen is a seasoned dragon rider who can command the dragon to burn down anything that comes into her way.

Avatar4: Spartacus
A legendary gladiator who overpowered Colosseum for decades. Ancient king Khuppa has knighted him and made him lead his sentinels. He has a godlike shield and one-handed weapon (spear) mastery.

Avatar5: Zhuge Liang
A legendary military strategist, alchemist, and inventor of magical spells. He has won many battles with his shrewd and uncanny art of war.

Avatar6: Master Panda
A mutant Panda, a massive juggernaut and nimble master of Kungfu. He is trained to stab enemies with his spellbinding movements and swift execution.

They are really massive warriors and have unparalleled abilities. All of these on top of your current hero build!!

There are 10 options that each and every avatar comes with one of them, exhaustively. Yes, you heard it right! the availability of these avatars is exhaustive and limited to 60. In other words, each of them will carry a unique pair of avatar + abilities. They all come with a particular set of unique codes associated with it. (ex. 10000002 = Guan Yu with #2 options)

Of course, these avatars will be written on a smart contract and live on the blockchain forever.

Discover more about our “avatar2” smart contract here.



To get an avatar, you need to first acquire avatar tokens!
You will need to have 10 of these tokens to open each Avatar chest.

Avatar token

These avatar token can only be acquired from the limited time special avatar packages.

The special avatar packages are for sale to celebrate the exciting month of November: A month with Singles’ Day(11/11), Thanksgiving day(11/28), Black Friday(11/29).

The sale of the avatar special packages ends at 00:00 UTC on 1st DECEMBER.

Once you acquired your avatar points, you can consume 10 of them to open a new avatar chest.


In each of the avatar chests, you can get crystals or an avatar. The detailed information is located in the “Avatar list” button next to the open avatar chest button.

Since each and every avatar is a unique blockchain asset, you will be able to see the current owners of sold avatars and remaining avatars.

Below is an example of UI.


Wow, congrats! it looks like you have gotten a King Arthur avatar from your avatar chest!! ?

This avatar came with variant #10 options. The only unique avatar with a set of abilities. Another exciting feature of the avatar is that they can be tradeable in our auction marketplace! ?


Now, it is time to learn about how to wear your new “King Arthur” skin.

Fantastic! hail to the king Arthur!!

You equipped your avatar and now you became King Arthur. Also, you can own multiple avatars and alternate based on their needs, as shown in below inventory screenshot.


So far, we learned about our newly added Avatar system.

Now let’s go get your very first Avatar before someone takes it!! ?

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