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Crypto Panda Hero - Get started in 5 minutes!

Zhulu Yinxia” (Panda Hero) created a world of panda warriors. Players play panda warriors, summon magic circle, combine moves, learn from opponents and win rewards. The core gameplay of the entire game is divided into five parts:

  1. Compete against each other: Use the strategic combination of “French” and “Stroke” to defeat your opponent in eight rounds;
  2. Traveling for treasure: traversing great rivers or secret realms, ** randomly obtaining rare “treasures”**;
  3. Jianghu Evaluation: Collect treasures through travel and player transactions to obtain a higher “Jianghu Evaluation” and unlock the “Advanced Array”.
  4. **Picture scroll gameplay: Participate in the auction of story scrolls, collect encrypted artworks and participate in public creation.

Play against

1. Summon Circle

The magic circle is the player’s only buff in the entire battle. It increases the strategy and excitement of the game. In the 1.0 version of “Bamboo Hidden Hero”, eight types of magic circle are provided for players to choose (3 basic magic circles, 5 advanced magic circles). Different magic circles have different bonus effects and trigger conditions. While pursuing the effect of triggering magic circles, they will also expose their own selection and playing tendency.

Players can also use the default magic circle (no effect) to hide their playing strategy.

The following are the eight magic arrays in version 1.0:

Buff name Passive effect Unlock method
Absorb Each time the enemy is restrained, the damage is permanent +5 Initial unlock
Guard When restrained, can still cause 10 damage Initial unlock
Supply Permanent damage of the first round of +8 Initial unlock
Basic Buff
Hone First round move, permanent damage +5 after each use, stack up to 4 times Unlock when holding a treasure
Vary           The move is different from the previous round, the damage of this round is +5 Unlocked when Jianghu evaluation reaches level 2
Mirror The two sides have the same moves, our damage +12 Unlock when holding 2 SR treasures
Break When restrained, the next round of damage +50%  
Relieve When the enemy’s effective damage is 50 points higher than ours, our damage is +80% Unlocked when holding 4 SR treasures or unlocked when holding 1 SSR treasures
Advanced Buff

2. Combination of skills

Players need to perform a combination of moves based on the selected magic circle in the previous stage. A carefully prepared combination of moves will maximize the effect of the formation, but will also allow your opponent to guess your tendency to play. Here will test the player’s courage and wisdom-is it closely cooperated with the magic circle? Or use tricks to deceive opponents?

Five skills

The game provides five moves for players to make strategic combinations:

Motion Name Damage Value Restraint
Belly Bullet 34 Restraint Tietou Gong**
Flesh Fist 14 Restraint belly bullet, shocking roar
Tietougong 16 restraint Zhentianhou, Taishan pressure
Zhentianhou 28 restraint belly bullets
Taishan pressure 26 restraint meat punch
Description of moves


Game interface-move selection

Players need to choose from 20 optional moves from 10 moves as a combination (each move can choose up to 4). **You need to perform a combination of tendencies based on the effect of your or your opponent’s magic circle to improve your winning potential. **

3. battle in eight rounds

Game interface-battle

Players need to make eight rounds of contests. According to the restraint relationship and damage of the moves, calculate the “effective damage value” and add up. After the eight rounds are over, the side with the higher effective damage value wins. **Combining the effect of the two sides of the magic circle, flexible use of strategies and routines in different rounds can help you quickly gain an advantage and finally defeat your opponent. **

####Residual damage

“Residual damage” is a very important reference indicator during the battle, which indicates the total damage value of the current moves available to the player. By comparing the “remaining damage” between our side and the other side, we can roughly guess the moves that the other side can take, thus flexibly changing the move strategy.

Game interface-remaining damage

For example, when the battle enters the eighth round, and there are only 3 optional moves left by the two sides, if the remaining damage of the other party is 56, it can be basically concluded that the other party still has “meat fist” (14) + “iron head skills” (16) + “Mt. Taishan” (26) or “Meat and Fist” (14) x 2 + “Jingtian Roar” (28). If you do not consider other factors at this time, the probability of the opponent’s “meat punch” is 50%, which is the most likely. At this time, you may consider giving priority to the “Fulk Punch” or no restraint moves, you can get higher effective damage in the round, and then win the game. However, in the course of actual combat, such probabilistic ideas are often used by opponents to play anti-routines.

battle rewards

Based on the EOS blockchain, “Zhulu Yinxia” issued an unlimited amount of tokens “Golden Bamboo Leaf” as the universal currency in the game. Please read the article for the detailed token model.

(Picture required here) 80% of the winners and 20% of the losers; 50% for each tie.

In addition, players who play [real swords and real guns] can also get extra rank points to hit the ladder. Please read the article for details.

Traveling for treasure

Traveling through treasure hunts is a major feature of “Bamboo Hidden Hero”. You can search for the golden bamboo leaves through the study, search for treasure in the “mountain”, and randomly obtain rare treasures according to the public probability. You can also directly use EOS to find more precious treasures in the “secret realm”.

Game interface-travel through mountains and rivers

In the 1.0 version, there are 120 kinds of treasures waiting for players to collect. Each kind of treasure carries the background of the game’s world view. By collecting treasures, you can gradually piece together a complete world view. In addition, the collection of treasures is also the only way to improve the evaluation of rivers and lakes and unlock advanced magic circles (see the next chapter for details).

Jianghu evaluation

The Jianghu rating is a comprehensive evaluation of the player’s possession of treasures, and it is also an important reference indicator for unlocking advanced magic arrays.

Game interface-hero evaluation

Jianghu evaluation is divided into two dimensions:

  1. Star rating: based on the total score of treasures held;
  2. Three-dimensional attributes: Chivalry, knowledge and fame, accumulated according to the tendency of holding treasures.

In the game, each treasure is divided into three grades (R, SR, SSR) and three types (Jianghu Legend, Linlang Treasures, Hundred Homes). **The rank determines the treasure’s attribute bonus, and the type determines the treasure’s bonus tendency. ** Generally speaking, the rank and type affect the bonus of treasures according to the following rules:

The relationship between treasure item level and attribute bonus points: R +5 points; SR +10 points; SSR +15 points.

The relationship between treasure item rank and bonus points tendency:

  • The Legend of Rivers and Lakes: mainly increase the value of chivalry;
  • Linlang treasures: mainly increase the reputation value;
  • Hundred homes: mainly increase the value of knowledge.

(Details of treasures can be placed here)

Painted Rolls

“Zhulu Yinxia” pioneered the combination of programmable encrypted art and games, using encrypted artworks to present and express the game’s worldview background story, while allowing users to participate in the real-time creation and update of artworks .

The drawing volume is divided into multiple layers, and each layer (including the main body itself) is a NFT (Non-fungible Token) issued on the EOS blockchain. Players can hold the entire picture scroll token, or they can hold a layer token. The layer holder can modify the layer parameters within a certain range, so as to transform the appearance of the layer and thus affect the entire drawing volume. In addition, layer holders can also give and resell layer tokens to others, and make money from it.

Painted Rolls

In short, the picture scroll tokenizes the creation rights and ownership, giving the holder the right to participate in the creation of the picture scroll in real time.

The first issuance of painted scrolls takes the form of an auction, and players can participate in the auction of all layer tokens. In order to improve the quality of quotations, we have added an “auction ticket” mechanism, that is, players need to use “golden bamboo leaves” to purchase auction tickets, and each bid requires the consumption of an auction ticket, in order to prevent “junk offers”.

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