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Exclusive Interview with Nazar Chervinskyy of the blockchain MMORTES Prospectors

Brief Intro

Plunge into the 19th century Gold Rush atmosphere from your device! This exciting game of strategy gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto gold by utilizing blockchain technology. Here you can start a business and explore a world teeming with resources there for the taking. Prospectors.io is the first MMORTES on EOS blockchain. All game activity happens within the project’s smart contract, and all the assets, owned by a player, are secured to him in the blockchain. The players interact within the game. Every user receives the right to control three characters (workers) who will act on his behalf. The players can team up in unions and commercial organizations for communication and more efficient work. The game currency, Prospectors gold, is the basis for economic relations among players.

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JBB.ONE:First of all, thank you for accepting our interview! Please first introduce yourself and your team to our readers.

Nazar:I'm Nazar the Head of the project. Our team isn’t big, but it gives us some privileges, like meetings in a narrow circle any time we need, where decisions by all the most important things can be made at once.

JBB.ONE:The Prospectors is a very special MMO RTES (Real Time Economy Strategy) blockchain game. Could you give us a brief introduction of it?

Nazar:The game resembles the world of the Gold Rush Epoque, where every player can feel himself like a real gold seeker: buy and sell, extract resources, craft tools, buy and sell goods, build mines, and look for the best plot. Here you can earn crypto gold which can become real money.

JBB.ONE:What do you think is the most unique feature of The Prospectors that makes it stand out from the crowd?

Nazar:Why is The Prospectors so unique? I’ll start from the fact that it’s a first MMO real-time economic strategy on the EOS blockchain - the whole separate decentralized world.

Secondly, the prices on the Prospectors market will be formed according to the laws of free economics, based on the supply-demand ratio.

And the most important feature of our game - in Prospectors, you will be able to lose yourself in the Gold Rush epoche, and the gold that you mine in the game will have a value in real life.

JBB.ONE:Currently the blockchain game industry is still trying very hard to catch up with traditional games. What drives you to make blockchain games and stick to it under such uncertain environment?

Nazar:Blockchain is a cutting edge technology which creates an environment for the games and adds to live and evolve even without its creators participating. And it's fascinating. So we believe in the blockchain, and we have no doubts that some part of the future belongs to it.

JBB.ONE:It seems that collection games, education games and trading card games are the hot genres in blockchain games. Why did you choose to create a game in the less-popular simulation category with a mining and exploration scheme?

Nazar:I really don't think, that it is the point. The strategy games aren’t less popular than other you’ve named above, they are just much harder to develop. That is the only reason why they're no big blockchain games on the market except Prospectors.

JBB.ONE:Currently every player has only three workers. We are wondering whether you will add other optional workers or diversify roles and characters in the future?

Nazar:We think that three workers are pretty enough to manage a business. So the quantity of the workers will be unchanged. You can always hire additional workers if you gonna feel lack of the working force.

We plan to add a possibility to earn points for the work and be able to upgrade some of the worker characteristics. Also, we want to add an opportunity to change the appearance of workers.

JBB.ONE:According to our knowledge, The Prospectors suspended a large number of accounts last week, many of which were charged with simultaneously operating multiple accounts. Many Chinese players are worried about being “jailed” for certain reason, so could you restate more clearly that in what situations would accounts be suspended?

Nazar:If you are following the game rules you have nothing to worry about. We can not reveal the details of the research process. All we can say, though the multi-accounts problem is still there, our intelligent system of their detection becomes better day after day.

JBB.ONE:Players can cooperate both in unions and commercial organizations in the game. Why would you introduce these two cooperation mode at the same time? What are their unique advantages?

Nazar:The union is an association of players with different accounts which are working together to build the business and reach some goal. When the commercial organization is one account which belongs to a few players. They choose the Head of organization, who manage it within a defined daily budget and limit of expends. All earned money divides between all the members of the organization. Still, these features aren’t developed yet, so it’s maybe not the time to talk a lot about this.

JBB.ONE:Many previous economy strategy games encountered fatal economic collapse in just one or two weeks after full release. Do you have any precautions to that kind of crisis? How do you balance the economy system in the game?

Nazar:At the start of the Prospectors world, we had a goal to make the game economy launch as smooth as possible. This is why we held the Assets Auction before and set large mining volumes at the start. Now the team of game-developers constantly watches the game. This week we are going to implement the next wave of mining 'parameter changes. And we cannot say that it will be the last time. And we believe that the economy of Prospectors is going to work well.

JBB.ONE:We are very excited to know that The Prospectors will enter Android and iOS platforms. Could you tell us something about your future plans and objectives?

Nazar:I’m not sure, that you have the correct info. We have no plans to enter the Android and iOS platforms in the nearest future. You can play the game from your smartphone or tablet using a browser extension.

JBB.ONE:Thank you again for your precious time! Last but not the least, could you share with us your perspective on the outlook of blockchain games?

Nazar:Here, at Prospectors, we believe that blockchain games have great potential. Decentralized nature of such projects makes it possible for game to exist even without developers. Full transparency, that blockchain provides assures fairness. On top of that, here player is the true owner of all his assets and can trade them without need to use third parties.

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