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MixMarvel Award Questionnaire

In order to give back to the player’s long-term support for MixMarvel products, such as HyperDragons, HyperSnakes and so on, the official team decides to conduct an Award Questionnaire of the official MixMarvel token for all community players.

With MixMarvel tokens, you can participate in more exciting activities in the latest stage of MixMarvel!

Event Time:
From Nov 8th, 2019 to Nov 15th,2019(GMT +8)

How to Participate:

Step1. Submit your details to the Event form. ( *Required)

Step2.Complete the survey.

Event Reward:

*MixMarvel will randomly choose 10 winners split the1000 MIX on November 15th, 2019.

*MIX tokens will be issued within three working days after the event is over*

1. each person is only allowed to fill out once
2. the same person is only awarded 1 time
3. Users caught with suspicious cheating behavior will be disqualified from this event.
4. Winners announced through the MixMarvel community
Event Hosting: MixMarvel Official

MixMarvel’s website:https://www.mixmarvel.com/

MixMarvel has launched some hyper series game, like HyperDragons,HyperDragons Go!, HyperSnakes and more games will launch on our MixMarvel platform, stay tuned!

For any questions or suggestions about the EVENT, please contact @fandy_MixMarvel in telegram group!

Thank you for your support. Sincerely, MixMarvel Team.

MixMarvel community:

MixMarvel Official Website / Telegram / Facebook

KakaoTalk / Twitter / Medium / YouTube

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