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Spooky Part 2 And Spookier Updates

Hi, everyone!

Last night we have started the Halloween event’s part 2, after waiting for a bit more than we planned for the players to finish a few more milestones for the Death Knight’s upgrade unlocks, we were rooting for the community to finish it and the last push was magnificent, to say the least!

With the release of the 2nd part of the event, multiple things changed within the game.

The first thing that is worth noting is that a new adventure available for the players to send their cuties to for all that holiday gear that the community worked tirelessly to unlock in the first part of the event.

A Cutie can travel to Shadowland Cemetery once every 24 hours

The adventure has a new feature — 2 PVE enemies.
1st one is the Wraith, which is a common encounter for the Cutieneers. It’s not hard to beat and most of the cuties will be able to do so and grind the new event gear for their cuties.

New encounter opponent: Wraith
Wraith Loot table

The second enemy is a Mini-boss! Wraith King has a different loot table and is tougher to beat! It’s not a common encounter and players will be able to meet this spooky dude more, depending on the level. Each level of the cutie gives it a 5% more chance to meet him during adventures in the Shadowland Cemetery.

New Mini-boss: Wraith King
Wraith King Loot table

Secondly, a new raid boss has been added — Mór-Ríoghain — The great Queen of Crows.


Initially, the idea was to have the raid boss have a pre-defined Strong/Weak Setup so that it is static and players would play around that. The community voiced its concern and thought it’s limiting the players who have other cuties Raid-ready and eager to fight the Queen. Upon revisiting the idea, the team opted to meet the community’s demand and now each level has different setups so that players will be able to strategize and satiate their hunger for battle and a chance for all that exclusive loot.

Speaking of loot. The drops for the raid boss are special. Top 3 players that deal the most damage to the boss will be rewarded with exclusive event loot. Those who do not get into the Top 3 will still be rewarded, but with lesser prizes.

Player rewards for completing 5lvl Mór-Ríoghain

Every boss cycle has a maximum of 5 levels. That means some of the items are exceedingly rare and will not be available any other time, ever.

Now for the day 1 patch notes

  1. Mór-Ríoghain element presets have been adjusted to include more cutie types and builds.
  2. Added a countdown timer for the end time of the event.
  3. Raid boss visual fixes.
  4. Added text with the event’s end date.
  5. Filter fix where a bug could appear when changing something in the filters wouldn’t go back to page 1 of the filtered inventory.
  6. Event adventure cooldown timer increased from 2 to 24 hours
  7. Paw Shop got disabled due to a bug with the visual representation of Ghost Dragon.
  8. Fixed adventure NPC stat bug, where Wraith and Wraith King became Neo and had maxed out evasion.
  9. Fixed Item tooltips in Loot tables for items where it didn’t show Item stats upon hover.
  10. Fixed a bug where Set items did not parse set bonuses correctly in filters.
  11. Additional visual fixes for Event adventure

Additionally, on Monday the Paw Shop and Custom Cutie discount* will become available and players will be able to use all those Pawcoins and CuteCoins.
*Discounts don’t apply to Event Crafting sections

In other news

The first iteration for the “War of Cutieland” info sheet has been finished.

You can find it here.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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