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Blockchain Game10month(s) ago
Best Halloween Cutie Outfits

Good day, Cutieneers!

Since Halloween event part two is in full swing and many Cuties got some amazing gear from the new adventure, crafting and raiding, it is time to review some Cutie outfits.

We went through the list of youngest Cuties from our top players and here are our favorite Halloween costumes of them all.

Our first Halloween fashion icon is this pig who is sporting double gloves. A very bold choice.

? 8?1⚡ by King Nerd

This look represents the state of not having enough sleep and being woken up by noisy neighbors. You need a second pair of hands to hold your hands from getting into a fight.

Another amazing look is the bolding crusader.

Cutie 111987 by ebdb

This is a very scary representation of some people on the internet. He might have strong opinions and anonymity, but behind all this, there is a bolding hedgehog whose only friend is made of rubber. Absolutely horrible.

The next outfit is genuinely terrifying. It took the scariest parts of the Green Goblin character and took it a bit further.

Cutie by ChakraFox

The teeth coming out of eye sockets are certainly a thing.

ChakraFox knows a thing or two about dressing Cuties. Just look at this guy!

Cutie by ChakraFox

Somehow the combination of these seemingly not so epic items creates a masterpiece.

Speaking of epic. Have you seen Fishojoy’s (凱) Cuties lately?

This outfit tells a story of a hopelessly corrupted knight. We’re loving the combo!

Cutie by Fishojoy (凱)

The next costume is of a pig warlord? Can you even imagine such a thing? Fishojoy apparently can.

Cutie by Fishojoy (凱)

We also love the “fly like a butterfly, sting with a wooden stake” concept.

Cutie by Dragon Food

Combining items from a more joyful event with black leather is an absolute win.

Do you have a favourite? Share it in the comments!

Did you awesomely dress your Cutie? Share a picture of it on Twitter with #BlockchainCutiesHalloween! Authors of the most amazing outfits will get a small prize from Mrs. Anna Cuteour herself.

Stay stylish, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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