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New Tribute Cutie Coming This Week

We continue expanding our list of Cutie easter eggs. This time it is a brand new tribute lizard who Cutieneers chose on our latest Pawedcast.

The character you chose is quite relatable. It spends its time overcoming various challenges while trying to get some food and water.

Remember that one time there were too many people chatting by the water cooler? This lizard has almost the same problem. The only place with fresh water in his area is overrun with hungry crocodiles.

Or that time when you had to use your acting talents to pretend to be considering buying something you don’t need, until the person, blocking your access to the shelf you really need, goes away. Getting food can get as difficult for our brand new hero. He needs to steal, run and hide to eat and not be eaten.

What is he like?

This character had a sand-like skin color.


A set of green eyes.


A derpy smile.


And a very long tail.


His name starts with O and ends with R.

Do you know who he is?

This Cutie will be launched and hidden in the game this week. Follow our Twitter to catch the exact moment it appears in the game.

Did you know that you can vote for the next tribute Cutie we launch?

Join the Pawecast every Thursday at 7 PM GMT to hang out and vote for the next tribute Cutie that we will add to the game.

Subscribe here to catch the next episode.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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